Leap Day is Friskies Plus Day!

Friskies is declaring February 29 “Friskies Plus Day”! If you in the Hollywood Boulevard area, be sure to stop by and see the 10-foot tall, 6-foot wide Friskies Plus Canstruction sculpture that will stand on Hollywood Boulevard for one day only – Friskies Plus Day.

The amazing Canstructure will feature thousands of cans of Friskies Plus, all of which will be donated to three Los Angeles cat rescue organization after Wednesday’s event. Friskies will donate the cans used to build the Friskies Plus Catstruction to three Los Angeles based cat rescue organizations; The Lange Foundation, Kitt Crusaders and Kitten Rescue each will receive thousands of cans of Friskies Plus. Combined, these organizations help 2,400 cats each year. Representatives from each foundation were on site to see the Friskies Plus Catstruction and receive an honorary can symbolizing the donations.

“We are thrilled to celebrate Friskies Plus Day nationwide with cat lovers,” said Kamila Nelson, Assistant Brand Manager for Friskies. “We hope to enhance the lives of cats and help support organizations that help shelter cats live happy, healthy lives before they’re adopted into new homes, and do it in a fun way with our giant Friskies Plus Catstruction.”

Also on Friskies Plus Day, the Friskies Facebook page will house an 8-hour long celebration (noon to 8 p.m. EST) where fans can win extras for their cats, which will include toys, coupons and more.

Gifts from Hartz

Floppy Fantasy Fun!Did you know that more than 52 percent of pet owners planned to purchase gifts for their pets during the holiday season? I’m not surprised at all, since we have always included our pets in holiday celebrations!

This year you can get gift ideas from Hartz’s Ultimate Pet Gift Guide! Our Maltese, Baby, was lucky enough to try out one of the items on the gift guide, the Hartz Floppy Fantasy! She loves it!

The Floppy Fantasy is a super soft, very floppy, plush toy that even has a squeaker! It’s a lot of fun to play with, and it has held up well to Baby’s “love” of it too! She can’t seem to put it away! Sometimes she just gets it out to sleep on because it’s just so soft and comfy!

The Floppy Fantasy is just one of many great toy choices on the Hartz Ultimate Pet Gift Guide, so be sure to check it out for more fun ideas. The guide features an array of the most popular pet toys throughout the nation selected by Hartz’s newly designated Chief of Holiday Gifts, Anya Edwards, and her team of toymakers.

Hartz toys are not only popular with pets but with pet owners alike because not only are they fun but each toy is designed to tap into the instinctual play patterns of animals to promote health benefits.

What about your household? Do your pets get to be part of the holiday gift giving and receiving?