DOGTOWN: Tales of Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Redemption

DogTown coverI recently got a copy of DogTown: Tales of Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Redemption for review on this site. I was so excited to check it out because the show, DogTown, from National Geographic, is so great, I just knew the book would be too.

I was not disappointed at all! Be sure to have tissues handy, because if you love dogs, your bound to shed a few tears. You will also be uplifted by the spirit of the dogs, and those who work with them.

The book features stories of 15 different dogs at DogTown, which is part of the Best Friends Animal Society located in Angel Canyon (Kanab, Utah). Each dog story is so unique, and if you watch the show you may recognize some of the dogs in the book!

As you read, you will learn their stories, what life is like at DogTown, and more about the relationship between the dog and the DogTown staff. There are also essays about animal health and behavior. It’s not just a great book about dogs, it’s also educational.

So many of the dogs at DogTown come from situations where other people thought there was no saving them. A prime example is the story of Georgia, a dog rescued from the Michael Vick dog fighting ring. You will get to know a dog named Rush who came from a war zone in Lebanon, Tuffy who came from a hoarder yet never lost his spunk, and a touching story of a fluffy dog named Bruno, and his last days at Dogtown. Each dog has seen so much, but with the love and support of those working on their behalf, miracles do happen and the dogs learn to trust again. It’s a great work that they are doing, and a wonderful book honoring them.

DogTown: Tales of Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Redemption is a perfect gift idea for the dog lover in your life. It was one of those books that was impossible to put down, and one that is going to stay with me forever. We have always been supporters of Best Friends Animal Society, but after reading this book about DogTown, we know without a doubt that there is something amazing about them! You can find the book wherever books are sold.

Adoptable: Molly and Coco

molly and coco small Meet Molly the Lurcher and Coco the Labrador, two fine ladies who are 10 and 8 years old. Sadly they had to be taken to the Margaret Green Animal Rescue Centre at Lincoln Farm when their elderly owner passed away and the family were unable to care for them any longer. Our staff are very keen for them to be homed together as they are so attached having always lived with each other. Coco the Labrador is also blind and although she copes well she does rely on Molly for some help.

Molly and Coco would be best suited to a calm home and perhaps with a retired couple. They are both very well behaved in the house and, although a little older in years, they are in fine fettle and enjoy long walks. Coco’s blindness causes her few problems once she has sorted out where everything is and she still loves to play with her activity ball.

They are both such gentle dogs with lovely natures who are being overlooked because of their age and Coco’s disability. If you think you could offer this pair of lovely doggies the home they deserve please contact Lincoln Farm on 01929 471340.

The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs

The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs, in Cleveland, OH is a wonderful organization! They take in older dogs and try to find them homes. The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs makes a lifelong commitment to the dogs they rescue. so even if the dog is too ill or too poorly socialized to be adopted into a loving home, that dog stays with an experienced Sanctuary foster caregiver for life.


There has been a big upswing in the number of loving, older dogs, being given up. It’s heartwarming to know that there is a specific rescue that is trying to help older dogs. Right now they are part of the Shelter Challenge on The Animal Rescue Site! I would encourage you all to go and cast a vote for The Sanctuary for Senior dogs, and remember that you can vote daily.

When you go to vote for the first time you will need to search for them by name, and state. Remember, they operate out of Ohio. After you have voted once, when you return there will be a vote button showing you who you last voted for. Please help them win so they can continue to help older dogs.