Oxbow Pure Comfort Bedding Review #ChewyInfluencer

We received this product free of charge in exchange for our honest review.

We recently got to try out this product thanks to Chewy. As we are always on the look out for ways to make our little hedgehog happy, we were excited to put this bedding to the “Yuki test”!

The bedding, comes pretty compacted expands a lot once you open the package. We tried the smaller size package and found that we could get at least two full cage changes out of it (hedgehog cages are quiet large, much bigger than what you would have for other small pets). The bedding does come in two sizes, so I would recommend getting the larger size so you don’t have to purchase as often.

What we liked most about it:

Made with 100% pure, never printed paper.

Very absorbent, in fact the description says it can absorb up to 800% of its weight in moisture! We found it to be very good at soaking up water, which Yuki likes to spill out of her bowl from time to time.

Specially formulated to be 99.9% dust free, with minimal small particles. This was very appealing for us, as hedgehogs have sensitive respiratory systems. It’s important to keep her home as dust free as possible.

Yuki was a bit confused at first by the new litter, as it was a different feeling and smell than what she was used to. If you decide to make a switch it might be smart to mix some of the old in with the new until you get them transitioned all the way over to the new brand. Of course if you have a pet that doesn’t burrow in their litter you should have no issue making a switch.

To learn more about it, or to order, please visit Chewy.com here.

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Love Can Be: A Literary Collection About Our Animals

When we were offered a chance to read the new book “Love Can Be: A Literary Collection About Our Animals” we couldn’t wait to dive into it. Not only does it celebrate the love we share with animals, proceeds go to animal welfare organizations!

Through beautiful short stories and poems thirty different writers share the experiences they have had with various animals. Of course as a dog lover I was touched by all the amazing dog stories in the collection.

Anyone who has had the joy of spending part of their life with a pet will appreciate and relate to the authors, no matter what the species. The collection includes stories of beloved pets, and even wildlife. There was even a story about a rhino!

I really enjoyed the varied styles of each of the author. It was heartwarming to read the memories they had, and it was also interesting to see how each person chose to express themselves. You might want to keep a tissue handy though, as some of the stories are bound to make you teary.

The collection was complied by The Kirkpatrick Foundation, an Oklahoma-based philanthropy committed to improving the lives and welfare of animals across the country, and the proceeds will be donated to designated animal charities. The book is intended as a limited edition, so be sure to get your copy while you can.

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Semper K9 fundraiser update

The fundraiser we were helping with is now over, and we are so excited to report the number! Thanks to the generosity of the vendors participating, and those who shopped and donated, we raised over $1700 USD for this wonderful organization.

You can help support their cause by following them on Facebook. You can also help support them by shopping in their store (they have some fun things), or donating directly.

Thank you again for your support!

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