Free Microchip Clinic to Commemorate Five-Year Anniversary of Joplin Tornad

Joplin Humane Society, ASPCA Host Adoption Event and Free Microchip Clinic to Commemorate Five-Year Anniversary of Joplin Tornado

photo credit: ASPCA
photo credit: ASPCA

“Paws in the Park” adoption event held at Parr Hill Park as part of Joplin Proud events

This Saturday, the Joplin Humane Society and ASPCA® (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) will hold an adoption event and free microchip clinic to coincide with the five-year anniversary of the 2011 Joplin tornado. The event—called “Paws in the Park”—is part of Joplin Proud, four days of events to recognize the progress made since the disaster hit and decimated a third of the community.

WHEN: Saturday, May 21
11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
*Microchip clinic will end at 2 p.m.

WHERE: Parr Hill Park, Joplin, Mo.

WHAT: The ASPCA and Joplin Humane Society will provide free microchipping for all pet owners on a first-come, first-serve basis. The Joplin Humane Society will also have animals available for adoption. All animals available for adoption have been microchipped, spayed/neutered and vaccinated. Pet ID tags donated by the ASPCA will be available for adopters and pet owners. All pets are welcome at the event and should be leashed and current on vaccinations.

WHY: Of the 1,300 animals displaced or lost after the 2011 tornado, fewer than five percent were microchipped. While the ASPCA was able to reunite 500 of the animals with their owners in the month following the tornado, 800 remained unclaimed. The ASPCA and Joplin Humane Society found new homes for the 800 remaining cats and dogs during a two-day adoption event hosted in late June.

“It was incredibly challenging to reunite the lost pets with their owners,” said Tim Rickey, a Joplin native and vice president of ASPCA Field Investigation and Response. “We hope the community will learn from this tragedy and get their pet’s microchipped. It could be their ticket home if they become lost or disaster strikes again.”

As a result of disasters such as the Joplin tornado, the ASPCA has created a mobile app that allows users to store critical pet records required to board pets at evacuation shelters, provides customized steps to search for lost pets, and includes a check-list of actions to take before, during and after a disaster.

photo credit: ASPCA
photo credit: ASPCA
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Foods that are toxic for dogs

Dogs are such wonderful companions; they are loyal and obedient once they are trained and treated well will make for a great relationship that can last many years. Many dogs hold really important functions such as guarding properties; leading blind and visually impaired people and also they make excellent companions for individuals who have issues such as autism.

As a result of your dog becoming your life companion, you really should know how to best care for them. Do some research in advance of getting the dog about what they need in terms of making them comfortable in your environment because not all dogs will suit every living space.

Keep in mind hidden costs such as how often they’ll require feeding; what sort of bedding they need and things like grooming and cleaning will also need to be addressed.

Check out this infographic below from Greyhounds as Pets which aims to highlight those foods which can actually be harmful for your dog; some might surprise you! It also gives some tips on preventing your dog getting their paws on the foods they’re not supposed to and also gives some insight on what to do should your dog actually ingest any of these baddies. See more below!


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Cavalia, the most amazing show #OdysseoUT

Have you heard of Cavalia? It’s an amazing show the likes of which you normally only see in Las Vegas. They are in Utah right now, until June 6th, with their show Odysseo. Why am I writing about this on an animal blog? Because this is a horse show (and so much more)!!


We were lucky enough to be invited to social media night, where we were treated like royalty! Our VIP tickets gave us an amazing view of the stage, a buffet dinner before the show, dessert during intermission, and the best part of all, meeting some of the performers and touring the stables for selfies with the horses! Here is just a taste of what you will see if you go:

The show features horses, trainers, riders, and acrobatics. As many as 32 horses at one time were on the stage. And the stage is a treat in and of itself. There are many surprises during the show that involve the stage!

Another fun part is the music and the live musicians that play in sections high above the stage and audience. Be sure to look up to the left and right to see them! All of the songs are original pieces by Michel Cusson. The live music really adds to the show too. Speaking of which, one of my favorite parts was the African music and performers.

Cavalia Odysseo fun facts:

  • 68 saddles used during the show
  • 2,000 seats in the tent
  • 350 costumes and 100 boots, some performers have as many as 7 costumes!
  • 58,000 square feet in the White Big Top
  • 65 horses of 11 different breeds

Cavalia is in Utah until June 6. If you are in Utah, or planning to visit you can get a 10% discount with promo code SOCIALUT.

Learn more about Cavalia here, and enter for your chance to win tickets too.

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Quokkas are adorable.

¡Hola! ?? #quokka#instaquokka

A photo posted by @instaquokka on

Don’t you just love the adorable quokka? Sadly these little guys are decreasing in the wild. They aren’t fearful of humans, and often can be seen posing for cute photos online. Luckily their cuteness might just be the thing that saves them, since people usually save what they love.

Learn more here, and if you are on Instagram, follow the above account for more adorable pics.

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