The hardest post to write.

Our sweet Baby the Maltese went over the rainbow bridge last night. Everything happened quickly, starting on Monday when we learned that she had cancer and that it had spread to multiple organs. There was nothing that could be done except to make her happy and comfortable until it was time to say good bye.


We are heartbroken and will miss her so very much.

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10 Reasons To Run With Your Dog


Hey there! Emma the GBGV here from to howl about the benefits of humans running with their dogs. Dogs love to run, and actually, people love to run too if you watch young people, but somewhere along the way many decide they dislike running. Nevertheless, if you run, or want to start running, make sure and take your dog along with you.

As always, before starting any new exercise program, please consult with your doctor and your veterinarian. Keep in mind what breed of dog you have. My Kuvasz sister Katie ran as far as fifteen miles with Mom, but my sister Bailie and I run three to six. If you have a pug, running may be out because of their nose/breathing situation. Use common sense when deciding on your canine running partner. Start your pup out on shorter runs like a mile or two and let them work up to longer runs, just as humans do to keep them from getting injured and to build their stamina.

Why run with your dog? I have ten great reasons listed below:

  1. FUN! Dogs love fun and we love to run. Our enthusiasm will help you enjoy running as well.
  2. Cardio. Running is a great cardio workout for you and your dog. You will both benefit from getting that heart rate up and pumping.
  3. Bonding. As with any sport you do with your dog, it helps the two of you bond. It will be something you both learn to do together as a team and look forward to doing.
  4. Security. Most criminal types will avoid dogs. Why attack a person running with a dog when there are plenty of others running alone. Even a smaller, normally friendly dog may surprise you and suddenly become a guard dog if the need should arise.
  5. No excuses. Human running partners always find excuses not to run – too hot, too cold, something suddenly came up, etc. Dogs never have an excuse not to run unless they are sick or injured.
  6. Mental stimulation. Running together gets the mind going. The dog needs to pay attention to you and your signals, you need to keep an eye on what your canine running partner is up to, thus keeping your minds busy. The boredom disappears and you no longer have time to think about how much longer or why you shouldn’t keep running.
  7. Hill and speed drill trainer. Dogs love hills and they love speed drills, the things many runners dread. If you let your dog be your leader, he will show you how to maintain your pace uphill and how to sprint between lamp posts or telephone poles for speed drills. It becomes a small competition between the two of you rather than something you dread.
  8. Motivation. Dogs don’t start whining about the run being too long or needing to run slower. We are like energizer bunnies and we want to keep on running until we get home. You will naturally want to please your dog which means you keep on running too.
  9. No unnecessary chatter. Dogs don’t talk your ears off about stupid stuff while you run. As a matter of fact, we rarely say a woof. You can talk to us the entire run or say nothing, we don’t care.
  10. FUN! Did I mention fun? Give it a try. Actually, try running with your pup for a few weeks so you have time to get a routine going. I almost guarantee you, you will both love it and be running partners for life!
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Alpo Wholesome Biscuits #AlpoDogBiscuit

I received Alpo Wholesome Biscuits to Review in order to write this post. I am not being compensated in any other form for helping spread the word about the new Alpo Wholesome Dog Biscuits. Alpo / Purina is not responsible for the content of this article.

Good nutrition isn’t just important for our dog’s food, but for treats as well. When we are rewarding Baby for being a good girl we like to know that it’s not just tasty but good for her too! Nestle Purina just introduced the new Alpo Wholesome Biscuits for Dogs, and we were excited to learn more about them.

Alpo Wholsome Biscuits

The new Alpo Wholesome Biscuits have the qualities we look for in a treat! We especially like the calcium, Baby is 11 now, we want to keep her teeth and bones strong.

  • Comes in three size: Small, Medium, and Large
  • Contains 23 vitamins & minerals
  • Contains Calcium to help support strong teeth and bones
  • Affordable and easy to find

Baby wants the bag opened

Dog treats are especially great for training if your dog is food motivated. Baby isn’t that food motivated, but she always gets excited when something new comes into the house that is for her (how she knows before being told is another story!).

Alpo Wholsome Biscuits bag


Buy it: Find out what stores in your area sell Alpo treats using their Product Finder.

Alpo biscuits logo

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