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Top 10 Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Pet

We all know how important it is to keep our pets healthy and safe. Did you know that these foods are bad for pets? This handy infographic gives 10 foods you should avoid feeding your pet, however there are others depending on what type of pet you have, so be sure to ask your veterinarian too!

  • Food that contains xylitol like candies, toothpaste, gum and so on are truly harmful for the pets. This will make your dog to reduce the blood sugar levels.
  • Keep your dogs away from alcohol as this will affect both the liver and the brain of your pets. Alcohols such as liquor,wine and even food that contains alcohol is very bad for the dogs.
  • Also avoid onions and garlic as this will kill the red blood cells in the pets and may also cause to anaemia. So be careful while feeding your pets with different food as they may contain onion or garlic.
  • Food that contains caffeine like coffee and tea are very dangerous. In addition to that some other food that contains caffeine includes chocolate, cocoa powder and energy drinks should also be avoided.
  • Never allowed your dog to drink milk or consume dairy products. As the milk-based products will create digestive problems and also leads to diarrhea.
  • Moreover your pups may also catch up with food allergies.
    Fat trimmed from from meat will also make your dog feel sick. Even though it is cooked or uncooked they are completely bad for the dogs. This will cause digestive problem and make your dog too week.
  • Fresh fruits like apple, banana, watermelon and orange seems to be good food for the dogs. But still you have to take something care by removing the seeds and leaves while the dogs eat them.
  • Some fruits are also not good for your puppies. There are some fruits like peaches, plums and persimmons that will block the digestive system. These fruits also contain cyanide that will poison the dogs.
  • Raw egg also has chance of food poisoning as this contains bacteria like salmonella or E. coli. Even though it is good for human beings it is not well recommended for pets. So always keep your dogs away from raw eggs.
  • The medicines that you give to your dog will really have bad impact on them. In fact the medicines will make them feel more and healthy. Just be careful and keep all the medicines out of your dogs reach.
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Pets and hot cars: What you need to know

It doesn’t take much time for a car to get hot enough to cause serious harm, or even death, to a pet. Did you know researches have found that close to 80% of temperature increase in vehicles happens within the first 30 minutes? Keep you pet safe, don’t leave them alone in the car. Here is a great graphic that explains why:

Pet Safety and Rising Temperatures

Pet Safety and Rising Temperatures created by FIGO Pet Insurance.

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Treat your favorite person with MunchPak

Listen closely pets, your person always gives you special treats, and now it’s time for you to treat your human, and luckily there is an easy way to do it! You won’t even have to go to the store. MunchPak is a fun subscription service that offers snacks from all over the world.


We were pretty excited to get a chance to try them out! MunchPak sent us a subscription box in exchange for our review. What we liked most was the variety! There were a lot of different types of treats, like potato chips (hot ketchup flavored, and truffle flavored), and candies (like these sour sloths).

Sour Gummy Sloth candy

Here are some of the other highlights of this subscription service:

• There are 3 MunchPak box sizes; MunchPak Mini (5+ snacks), Original MunchPak (10+ snacks), and FamilyPak (20+ snacks)
• You can customize your MunchPak with a variety of snack options such as Spicy, Chips, Gummy, Sweet, and Crunchy which you can select as preferred or non-preferred.
• There are drinks! You can choose to add a soda, coffee, juice, and/or tea to your MunchPak
• You can choose for your subscription to renew every week, every two weeks, or every month
• They also offer gift subscription options
• Love a snack that you tried? You can repurchase them in their store.
• The Snack Scanner app is available for download on both Android and Apple devices

If you want to learn more or get signed up be sure to click the photo above to get a discount! Thanks MunchPak for giving us the chance to try your awesome treat service.

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