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The Most Influential Internet Dogs

In the last number of years, we’ve noticed something beautiful on the Internet– the rise of the animal celebrity. They’ve got the looks, the style and the attitude – everything it takes to be a bonafide Internet celebrity.

While there are many famous cats, capybaras, pigs and parrots, we only have eyes for the dogs. These are the dogs that have made us laugh, smile, and cry with their wild ways and beauty. They are the most important pooches to ever grace your screen, and we salute them with this ultimate list of greatness. Greyhounds as Pets created the below infographic giving us all the facts and figures on the richest and most influential dogs around

Do you recognize any of them? Do you have any that you would add to the list?


Fun graphic thanks to Greyhounds as Pets.

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Keep your pets safe on Halloween, avoid chocolate!

Forget ghosts and goblins: food poisoning is the scariest thing dogs encounter during the Halloween holiday. Petplan pet insurance found that pets are 32% more likely to suffer food poisoning during Halloween week versus any other time of the year. Among the top toxins? Chocolate!


So Rover raids the Halloween haul. How’s a pet parent to know if he’s in danger of food poisoning? Chocolate is poisonous to pets because it contains toxic theobromine, and different types of chocolate affect pets differently because they have varying levels of theobromine. Baking chocolate has the highest concentration, and is therefore the most toxic – followed by dark, milk and then white chocolate.

If a dog eats chocolate, pet parents need to know three things: how much theobromine the chocolate contains, how much your dog ate and how much he weighs. If your dog ingests close to 20mg of theobromine per pound of body weight, he’s in the danger zone for food poisoning.

Milligrams of theobromine per ounce:
Baking chocolate – 450mg/oz
Dark chocolate – 160mg/oz
Milk chocolate – 64mg/oz
White chocolate – 1mg/oz

Here’s how to do the math: Multiply the ounces of chocolate ingested by the milligrams of theobromine per ounce and divide that by the weight of the dog in pounds. The closer the resulting number is to 20, the worse the toxic effects will haunt him. For example:

A 25-lb. dog who eats 3 ounces of milk chocolate:
3oz x 64mg/oz = 192/25lbs = 7.7mg/lb (non-toxic level of theobromine)

A 25-lb. dog who eats 3 ounces of dark chocolate:
3oz x 160mg/oz = 480/25lbs = 19.2mg/lb (dangerous level of theobromine)

What to do next: A number close to 20 indicates a toxic level of theobromine that can terrorize a pet’s health. Get to the vet or an emergency clinic immediately! If the number is well below 20, your pet’s tummy may turn on him, but you don’t need to be spooked. Call the vet for tips on how to treat signs of trouble.

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Clean your indoor air with the Airfree air purifier

We received an Airfree purifier in exchange for our review. As always, our opinions are our own. This post contains Amazon affiliate links.

Life with pets (and people) can get smelly. Odors in the air are often caused by contaminants in the air, and this is what the Airfree air purifier is designed to take care of. We were excited to get one for review.

The Airfree Onix 3000 Air Purifier works by killing the fungus, bacteria, viruses, and even dust mite poop (yes, poop) that is in the air. Your air is actually being purified with heat. This isn’t a traditional filter that simply catches dust, this is truly killing off the contaminants. This is great news if you have pets that have a lot of dander, and especially if you have people with allergies!

We noticed a slight warm smell during the first part of use. I think this happens with any new appliance, and it did go away. After that we noticed that the smell of the air changed slightly. The AirFree isn’t an air freshener, so it was hard to tell for sure what was happening, but our air has smelled different since we started using it.

Airfree air purifier

The unit comes with a built in light which can be turned off an on. We keep ours on, the blue color makes a nice night light in the room. Each unit can be used in a room up to 650 sq ft, which is very nice in our home since it basically covers our first floor. The Airfree stays on 24 hours a day, and should be run continuously in the room. We like that it is compatible with heating and air conditioning too, since we do have that in our house. They are meant to be used in rooms, not hallways, for the best result (in a hallway it would just purify the hallway, not adjacent rooms).

Other things we like about it is that there’s no need to change dirty contaminated filters or clean dirty blades. Airfree´s exclusive TSS technology completely destroys and eliminates all organic contaminants. We also like that the Airfree emits no ozone. The Airfree generates no dangerous emissions, NO ions, and NO ozone. These things can be dangerous to people and pets, so it’s very important that they aren’t there.

Overall we have been pleased with the results and think our air smells better. It’s nice to know that our air is actually cleaner too.

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DogLand and DOTT App launch party #DogLovingRevolution

DogLand along with DOTT Dog Tag is having a secret location launch party on September 30th, 2015 and you are invited! The party is being held in Los Angeles, but the exact location can only be found by checking out DogLand, and the DOTT Dog Tag, app.

Dog Land

Where: X marks the spot! The event will be somewhere in the West Hollywood area, but you will need to check the DogLand app in order to see the exact location. The event location will be announced on the DogLand newsfeed before the event.

What you can get: Tons of free stuff, including toys, food, free walks and boarding from our partners, and much, much more! Also, meet the DogLand co-founders, including Jack Vale, star of Jack Vale Offline on HLN and Jack Vale Films on YouTube, and our mascot Eddie!

Date: Wednesday, September 30th
Time: 10am – when the goodies are gone!

What is DogLand?

DogLand is a social app for dog lovers built around engaging, entertaining, and useful content. DogLand is also crowdfunding their financing.

Learn more about the app:

“With DogLand, we set out to create an app that connects dog lovers with their community by showing dog-friendly places and dog-friendly people. We see ourselves as a fun navigation tool, with information driven by our community.” -President and Creative Director Gareth Wilson

DogLand is basically the up and coming Instagram/Facebook/YouTube for dogs! Be sure to check them out, and if you are in the LA area attend the party and get some great free stuff for your pups!

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