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Symphony for Our World

This Earth Day (April 22), Nat Geo WILD is airing a special commercial-free musical event, Symphony for Our World. It’s a beautiful hour-long special that has zero narration, and pairs breathtaking wildlife footage with original music created by rock band X Ambassadors + Hans Zimmer’s Bleeding Fingers Music. It airs Sunday the 22nd at 8/7 Central time.

It’s breathtakingly beautiful, not just in images but the music pulls you through as we visit the 5 places unique to our earth. We start in the sea, with underwater creatures that will capture your imagination, and then move on towards the shore, land, mountains, and eventually, the sky. There are animals you may never have seen before, and sights that are hard to believe are real.

Revillagigedo, Mexico – Here, whitetip reef sharks, Pacific creolefish, barberfish, and Moorish idols populate the reef in this rich, sea habitat. (ENRIC SALA/National Geographic Creative)

You can even see the symphony in person in certain venues around the world! An inaugural performance will be held at the Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall on Earth Day, April 22. For performance dates and ticket information, visit I can only imagine how beautiful the music would be performed live!

Another way that you can participate is by joining the conversation on social media. Nat Geo WILD is partnering with the National Geographic Photo Ark for this Earth Day event. Founded by National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore, the Photo Ark aims to document every species currently living in the world’s zoos and wildlife sanctuaries, inspire action through education, and help save wildlife by supporting on-the-ground conservation efforts. Share your selfies on social media with the hashtag #SaveTogether.

You can learn more at, there are many ways to help.

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania – A small herd of giraffe trek their way across a plain, backlit by a multi-colored sunset (MICHAEL NICHOLS/National Geographic Creative)

Tune in and enjoy the beauty of our planet this Earth Day. You will be so happy that you did.

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BarkFest on NatGeoWild

The Olympics are going to have some four-legged competition this year, with Nat Geo WILD’s fourth annual BarkFest event kicking off the same night. For the first time, BarkFest will span an entire week, including coverage of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show — aka the dog Super Bowl. Other premieres include stories of incredible dog heroes, the science of canines and the people who love them and a special canine-themed episode of The Incredible Dr. Pol.

BarkFest premieres Friday, Feb. 9, 8/7c on Nat Geo WILD. For more information, visit

The pick of the BarkFest litter is the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show coverage, including the Road to Westminster Dog Show, an unprecedented all-access look at the journey to Best in Show, premiering Sunday, Feb. 11, 8/7c. The series follows dogs and their handlers as they prep for the biggest competition of their year. See what it really takes to train a top dog — from handlers to dog diets to dog hotels. Watch the action of the qualifying rounds, then tune in for the main events: the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and Masters Agility Championship at Westminster on Nat Geo WILD and on FOX sister networks (see below for full schedule).

“I’ve never been happier to say that Nat Geo WILD is going to the dogs,” said Geoff Daniels, executive vice president and general manager, Nat Geo WILD. “We look forward to BarkFest every year, putting out our best-in-show programs to honor man’s best friends and all the people who love them.”

We can’t wait for all the amazing shows. Here is the line up:

Science of Dogs
Premieres Friday, Feb. 9, 8/7c
Think you know everything about our canine companions? They have been used as castle guards, rescuers, hunters, fashion accessories and herders. There are 400 breeds and counting, from the three-pound Chihuahua to the 270-pound bullmastiff, and dogs have the largest morphological differences of any animal species on the planet. The Science of Dogs provides an in-depth look at man’s best friend. With updated science and even stories of dogs that drive, you will be running to the nearest shelter to get one of your own. Join us as we explore why dogs truly are man’s best friend.

Road to Westminster Dog Show
Premieres Sunday, Feb. 11, 8/7c
The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show predates the invention of the lightbulb, the World Series and the Brooklyn Bridge. The tradition began 140 years ago, and now for the first time we have unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to the months leading up to Westminster, where the real story begins. We follow top contenders, comeback stories and beginners who are just understanding what it takes to be Best in Show. There is no prize money for top dog, just bragging rights — so why do they do it? Road to Westminster Dog Show is a peek behind the curtain of “the dog Olympics.”

142nd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, LIVE Daytime Sessions
Day One Premieres Monday, Feb. 12, 1/12c
Day Two Premieres Tuesday, Feb. 13, 1/12c
Watch the world’s premier dogs compete in the preliminary rounds for the ultimate title of Best in Show. Day one features judging of the hound, toy, nonsporting and herding groups. Day two features judging of the sporting, working and terrier groups.

A Dog Saved My Life
Premieres Monday, Feb. 12, 8/7c
Man’s best friend comes to the rescue when their humans need it most. Two real-life survival stories are told with eyewitness testimony, dramatic reenactments and expert insight into how these dogs became heroes. First, a Canadian dogsled racer survived an attack by a bear thanks to one of his huskies. This brave animal waged an hourslong battle to keep the bear away from the tree where the badly injured man had taken refuge. Next, 80-year-old George Mitchell was kept alive by his dog after the two of them were trapped for hours in floods during Hurricane Katrina. Thanks to their canine companions, the two men made it out of harrowing situations alive, and with lifelong bonds to the dogs that saved them.

Master’s Agility Championship at Westminster, Encore Presentation
Premieres Wednesday, Feb. 14, 8/7c
If your kind of Valentine’s Day includes a big dose of puppy love, you’ve come to the right place. Watch the fur fly in our encore presentation of the Master’s Agility Championship at Westminster, where America’s swiftest canines run, jump and weave for the right to be called top dog.

142nd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, Encore Presentation
Day One Premieres Thursday, Feb. 15, 8/7c
Day Two Premieres Friday, Feb. 16, 8/7c
Can’t get enough of Westminster? Nat Geo WILD will feature an encore presentation the day after the big event featuring the world’s top dogs competing for Best in Show at Madison Square Garden.

BarkFest also will feature Dr. Pol’s most beloved dog cases in The Incredible Dr. Pol: Be My Canine on Saturday, Feb. 10, 9/8c. From pit bulls and beagles to spaniels and Labs, Dr. Pol and his team fetch solutions for Fido.

The week is filled with special encore presentations of some of viewers’ favorite dog-related programming, including World’s Funniest Dogs, Unlikely Animal Friends: Barktacular, How Dogs Got Their Shapes, World’s Greatest Dogs and Super Underdogs.

PLUS sister networks FOX and FS1 join in the fun, with additional premieres that include:

FOX Broadcast Network Premiere
Masters Agility Championship at Westminster
Premieres Sunday, Feb. 11, 2/1c on FOX
The country’s top four-legged athletes attack an obstacle course of jumps, tunnels, weave poles and more in a timed competition to determine who is top dog. Don’t miss the premiere event in the fastest-growing dog sport in the country.

FS1 Premiere
142nd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show LIVE
Monday, Feb. 12, 8/7c on FS1
Tuesday, Feb. 13, 8/7c on FS1
Best in Show at Westminster is the most coveted dog award in the world. Day one’s presentation crowns the hound, toy, nonsporting and herding group winners, while Day two’s telecast names winners in the sporting, working and terrier groups, plus Best in Show.

We are excited to celebrate all things dog! Will you be watching?

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Tune into the Savage Kingdom on Black Friday while you recover from all the crazy sales and shopping of the day! Called “nature television as Shakespearean drama” this season brings rebellion as the sins of the lion king are carried out by his sons. Nat Geo WILD’s Savage Kingdom returns with Savage Kingdom: Uprising, a four-part global miniseries series event that tells an unvarnished tale of survival on the African plains. No better night to debut this competitive savagery than Black Friday.

Savage Kingdom: Uprising premieres Friday, Nov. 24, 9/8c on Nat Geo WILD and globally in 140 countries and 37 languages. For more information, visit

Emmy-nominated actor Charles Dance (“Game of Thrones”) returns to narrate Savage Kingdom: Uprising, a rare look at warring animal clans battling for survival in a remote region of Africa that is drying up after years of flood-soaked abundance. The winners are rewarded with the richest hunting grounds in the kingdom, while the losers are fated to exile … or even death.

“When we introduced the world to the Savage Kingdom last year, it was our version of a real-life ‘Game of Thrones’ that pushed serialized dramatic storytelling in this genre to the next level,” said Geoff Daniels, executive vice president and general manager, Nat Geo WILD. “No spoilers, but rest assured the new season is as visually stunning, intimate and intense as anything we have ever done.”

Savage Kingdom: Uprising returns to the remote wilderness of Africa to delve deeper into the individual characters and reveals the life and death decisions that drive survival in their ruthless and unpredictable world. The story continues as sons plot to overthrow fathers, clans seek revenge on their enemies and new arrivals enter the Savage Kingdom to stake their claim.

Chobe National Park, Botswana – Playing amongst each other is the easiest way for the sub-adults of the Marsh Pride to learn the necessary skills to become the hunters that they are destined to become. These games are often the reason why youngsters end up with little scars on their faces or nicks in their ears. Here two of the sub-adult males and a sub-adult female are jumping on top of each other at the edge of a natural water hole south of Matsibi Island into the open Marsh.(National Geographic/NHFU)

Will the aging lion king Sekekama hold on to his bloody crown? Has the leopard prince Neo inherited enough talent from his mother to survive? How will the lions of the Northern Pride wreak their revenge on queen Matsumi? Leaders will rise and factions will fall. No one is safe in the Savage Kingdom.

Savage Kingdom Premieres:

Savage Kingdom: Uprising: The Enemy Within
Premieres Friday, Nov. 24
Male lion Sekekama, the undisputed king of the Marsh Pride, must contend with his three eldest sons who are hungry for power. On the outskirts of their territory, the Northern Pride is growing a bloodthirsty lion army, preparing for revenge against its sworn enemy. Meanwhile, the kingdom’s deadliest leopard assassin, Saba, works tirelessly to make sure her only son follows in her deadly footsteps.

Savage Kingdom: Uprising: First Blood
Premieres Friday, Dec. 1
Neo must prepare for life as a solitary assassin, but his future hangs in the balance when his mother is left seriously injured after fighting for their fortress. Pressure mounts as Neo grows stronger and his own father, Dark Eyes, wants him out. Meanwhile, on the edges of the Marsh, the vengeful Northern queens suffer a cruel blow to their growing pride when their drifter king returns.

Savage Kingdom: Uprising: Reign of Traitors
Premieres Friday, Dec. 8
The Marsh Pride reaches its breaking point as Sekekama struggles to suppress the rebellion of his three treacherous sons and protect his kingdom. As the Great Marsh withers in the grip of the dry season, Zalika, the hyena queen, raises new troops to prepare for her moment of triumph. And the vagabond Pale Pack of wild dogs fights for survival, driven to desperate lengths for food.

Savage Kingdom: Uprising: King Slayers
Premieres Friday, Dec. 15 as part of Big Cat Week
The Marsh Pride’s aging king, Sekekama, is forced to lead his family into hostile territory on a mission to save them from a vicious drought gripping the kingdom. His great gamble leads him into a bloody contest against rivals old and new. But his control over one treacherous son will determine Sekekama’s hold on power, and the future of his own legacy.

The last episode of Savage Kingdom: Uprising premieres on the last day of Nat Geo WILD’s Big Cat Week, running Sun, Dec. 10 through Friday, Dec. 15. The buzzworthy Big Cat Week includes innovative new specials featuring world-renowned storytellers. National Geographic photographers Steve Winter and Bertie Gregory track down and capture incredible footage of Brazil’s top predator in Jaguar vs. Croc; famed wildlife filmmaker Bob Poole reveals the intimate story of a cheetah mother and her cubs in Man Among Cheetahs; three prides of lions battle over territory, food and power in the dramatic special Lion Kingdom; and we reveal the secrets of a legendary tigress that famously reigned over her territory in western region of India in the new special The World’s Most Famous Tiger.

Savage Kingdom is produced by Icon Films and Natural History Film Unit Botswana for Nat Geo WILD. Icon Films executive producers are Harry Marshall and Laura Marshall, and series producer is Lucy Meadows. Natural History Film Unit Botswana producer is Brad Bestelink. For Nat Geo WILD, executive producer is Ashley Hoppin, senior vice president of development and production is Janet Han Vissering and executive vice president and general manager is Geoff Daniels.

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