Furdiburb – A Virtual Pet Adventure!

Do you enjoy playing games? Then today’s post is for you! There is a fun game called Furdiburb, and like the title of this post suggests, it’s a virtual pet adventure game!

Furdiburb is a virtual pet, puzzle, and adventure game mashed into one. After vacationing on Earth, Furdiburb’s alien parents accidentally leave him behind. Players care for their newly adopted pet by feeding and cleaning him. They may also customize his looks, furniture, and house with fun-themed designs. The main goal of the game is to explore gorgeous lands, play mini-games (fishing, star jumping, bug dodging, and music writing), and solve puzzles in order to collect parts to fix up a broken spaceship so that Furdiburb may return home one day.

Right now the game is available for free on all Android devices and Google TV (you can download it on Google Play). Furdiburb will also be available soon for iOS, Nook, and Amazon Kindle. Even though we haven’t had the chance to play yet, we fell in love with the idea of the game, and the soundtrack has been on repeat quiet a bit around here! We can’t wait to play when it’s ready for our devices! Watch the trailer below to see what the game looks like:

Also, here are some important points about the game that we think are great!

  • The pet never dies. You can neglect him, and he’ll just be sad and starving when you come back.
  • Family/kid-friendly. No sex or violence, just potty humor (the pet poops, and players clean the screen by manually tossing the poop off the screen).
  • Free / Freemium game. If users have an Android device, without paying a cent, they can play through the whole game. There are optional premium items (like mutations, furniture, customizations, etc) that can be purchased with golden poop (Furdiburb premium currency) that players can buy with real money. If the user can’t buy premium currency, the pet poops golden poop each day, pooping more as he grows up.
  • Clean interface – no “feed pet” or “wash pet” buttons, the player has to grow food to feed the pet or actually scrub the pet clean.

We have always loved virtual pet games for the fun you can have as your pet “grows” and all the customizations that you can do in the pet’s world. Furdiburb has all the features we love most about games like this. Let us know if you play it and what you think!

Disclosure: We were not compensated for this post, and as mentioned, we have not had a chance to play the game yet ourselves. We just think it’s a fun idea for animal lovers who love to play games and we wanted to share it with you!

HollyWoof Gift Bags Spoil Celebrity Dogs!

It sure would be nice to be a celebrity pet! Celebrity pooches recently received the HollyWOOF, Distinctive Assets’ annual gift bag of the newest innovative dog products. Our top pick from the gift bag? Tagg – The Pet Tracker! Although we haven’t seen it ourselves, it’s such a great idea we can’t help but share it. Tagg is an advanced pet tracking system equipped with GPS and wireless capabilities which enables owners to track where their pups are and be notified by text and email if they wander off beyond designated zones.

There were a lot of other great goodies in the gift bag! Products to help with dry skin, smells, training, and even fine art pieces were included. And of course, there were treats too! Check out the list of goodies the spoiled pooches are going to enjoy! Continue reading →

Pet Portraits by Bethany

There is nothing more special than having a portrait done of a loved one, furry loved ones included! Pet Portraits by Bethany specializes in capturing your furry friends on canvas, and though we haven’t seen them in person, we are impressed by the images Bethany sent us!

The custom portraits are painted in acrylic on a gallery style wrapped canvas. You can choose the color and the amount of texture or flatness of the background.

Any type of pet is game, be it dog, cat, horse, ferret, rabbit, etc. Don’t forget pet portraits make the perfect gift for your friend or family member pet lover.

The Artist, Bethany Salisbury, received a BFA in Illustration and Graphic Design. Bethany says, “Pet portraits help to keep my inner painter happy and feed my animal obsession! I can preserve your pet on canvas while creating a stylish piece of wall décor at the same time. I mostly paint dogs but I also do cats, horses, ferrets, and other small critters and birds. You can be sure whichever pet you have, I will work hard to make the perfect painting of your pet with my own stylistic touch.”

To learn more, be sure to visit Pet Portraits by Bethany, and let us know if you decide to get a portrait of your pet!