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Are you ready for some cuteness?! KITTEN BOWL III is on Su-purr bowl Sunday, Feb 7th at 12 PM ET/PT, 11C only on the Hallmark Channel.

Kitten Bowl trading card

The highly anticipated four-legged game is hosted by Beth Stern with play-by-play announcers John Sterling (iconic radio voice of the New York Yankees) and Mary Carillo (award-winning reporter, sports analyst and commentator) and special guest appearances by Commissioner Boomer Esiason, Kevin Nealon and many more. This year, the half-time show is cuter than ever when the feline players will be introduced to a team of puppies for the first time.

Kitten Bowl puppy

Additionally, Hallmark partnered with Snaps to launch Kitten Bowl III emojis, available on the Apple Store and Google Play store. The keyboard includes emojis of the cat-letes including Rob Gron-Cat-Ski, Howie Longhair and Coach John Hairball.

Kitten Bowl emojis

Angela Megrey, Vice President, Social Media, Crown Media Family Networks said “the shareable and adorable keyboard emojis not only connects our fans to the Kitten Bowl franchise, but also helps spread increased awareness for ‘Pet Project,’ Hallmark Channel’s advocacy in pet adoption”. We love that it helps spread the word for pet rescue, and the emojis are really fun too!

You can also see cute Cat Center updates like this one by visiting Cat Center! Hallmark Channel’s CAT CENTER shares weekly FFL highlights and updates hosted by John Sterling and Mary Carillo. You can get to know some of the players before the big event on Sunday!

Beyond being super cute, Kitten Bowl also helps spread the word about animal rescue! All adoptable kittens were provided by North Shore Animal League America and Last Hope Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation and have since found forever homes.

We hope that you tune in Sunday!

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Make a Pet Pledge for 2016

This post is sponsored by Purina. As always, 4 the Love of Animals only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers.

It’s a new year and while we often make resolutions for ourselves, why not include your furry friends in the fun? This year, Purina is encouraging everyone to make a Pet Pledge for 2016! The pledge can be anything, from spending more time together each day, playing with new toys, whipping up some homemade treats, or anything else you can think of!

Once you’ve made your Pledge, visit to play the instant-win game for a chance to win a prize box or the grand prize! What better way to help you keep that Pledge:

The dog grand prize is an awesome Deluxe Dog Crate!

The cat grand prize is a Deluxe Cat Tower:

Dog Prize Box – Dog Furminator, Kong toys, other dog-related accessories

Cat Prize Box– Cat Furminator, Kitty Hammock, toys, other cat-related accessories

The instant win game starts Jan. 29, 2016 and goes through Wednesday, February 17. will also be sharing great information and tips on different Pet Pledges you can make, as well as how to keep them throughout the year.

Be sure to check your local Sunday newspaper tomorrow for Purina coupons too!

We are pledging to spend more time cuddling and watching funny movies with our little snowball Yuki. She has snuggling down to a science! What is your pledge?

Yuki the hedgehog

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Foster Parenting a Dog

Becoming a dog foster parent is a special job. When you agree to foster parent a rescue dog, you are basically taking responsibility for their care until someone permanently adopts them. This is a very admirable task that comes with its own set of pros and cons.

Dog sitting

What Is Needed
A deep love of dogs becomes the first requirement, as many dogs that are rescued have issues that need to be dealt with. Some have fallen ill and are suffering from malnutrition. Others have had to endure unfavorable environments or experiences that have caused them to be mistrusting of humans.

If you are fostering puppies who have left their mothers too early, part of the job may require you to feed them regularly during the day and nighttime hours. Other dogs needing foster care may not have been trained at all, and might feel stressed because of time they have had to spend in an animal shelter. When you are a dog foster parent, your task is to make sure that the dog you are caring for is gotten into the best shape as possible, to be sure that someone will want to adopt them.

In order to be up for the job, you will need to know how to care for dogs and have the time in your schedule to give them a good amount of attention. Regular feeding, bathing and giving them medication are all a part of this unpaid job. Make sure you have enough space in your home and time in your schedule to allow for the basics of taking care of the dog. This includes training the dog, playing with the dog and exercising him.

Continuing Support
It can be an expensive and difficult task to take in rescue dogs. However, there is help available for you. You may benefit from affiliating with a rescue group in your area. Some offer financial support, wise advice and much-needed veterinary care. Some rescue dog operations neuter dogs before releasing them, so if this is the case you may need to give them an extra dose of TLC.

Home Life
Both your human and doggie family will need to keep a loving and forgiving attitude toward your canine guest. If you do already have dogs, make sure you are giving them enough playtime and attention to make sure they don’t feel left out.

Saying Farewell
Chances are, you aren’t going to be able to adopt every single dog that needs a home. Saying goodbye is an inevitable part of becoming a dog foster parent. After all, the goal is to find the dog a forever home. Although saying goodbye to your new found friend may be difficult, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have done the right thing in granting this dog a brand new start. Now, you will be free to open your home to another rescue dog that needs you.

James Marquis is part of Lifestyle Pets, a blog dedicated to providing tips and help to pet owners. He is owned by a schnauzer-terrier mix named Ace.

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Naughty Pets Contest for our UK readers.

Calling all naughty pets! Enter this fun competition from Terry’s Fabrics. The aim is to help out the owner of the naughtiest pet by rewarding them with up to £500. Enter below! Good luck, and leave us a comment if you enter, we’d love to hear more about your naughty pet.

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