Adorable animals are sharing an important message!

Everyone loves videos with animals being adorable and cute. Recently, the Ad Council has crafted three aww-inducing Public Service Ads (PSAs) featuring puppies, baby goats, and hedgehogs! Yes, hedgehogs (of course we had to share that one).

Not only are the videos adorable, they help spread an important message about prediabetes. Did you know that you can do a quick one-minute prediabetes risk test while enjoying French bulldog puppies at play, baby goats in pajamas at a barn disco party, and hedgehogs at a pool party? Knowing your risks could help you avoid getting diabetes later, so be sure to take the quiz (that is, if you can concentrate on it with all the cuteness happening). You can also take the one-minute risk test at, where you can also find practical tools and guides.

I mean, how cute are those hedgehogs at the pool party? I think we need a hedgie hammock now. Don’t forget to take the quiz and learn your risk. Thanks to the Ad Council for sharing these adorable animal videos with us to share with you!

Funny video: Yoga and pets

We all know that our pets love to have all of our attention. This video proves it, while the people are trying to get a yoga workout, the pets are trying to get the attention! They sure are some funny pets. Does your dog or cat get in on the action while you are trying to workout?

Quokkas are adorable.

¡Hola! ?? #quokka#instaquokka

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Don’t you just love the adorable quokka? Sadly these little guys are decreasing in the wild. They aren’t fearful of humans, and often can be seen posing for cute photos online. Luckily their cuteness might just be the thing that saves them, since people usually save what they love.

Learn more here, and if you are on Instagram, follow the above account for more adorable pics.

Can Puppies Fix Boredom? #PowerofPuppies

SoulPancake has teamed with Puppy Chow to release their new #PowerofPuppies video and help raise pet food donations for shelter dogs in need. For each video view, Purina will donate one pound of Puppy Chow Natural to Rescue Bank (up to 500,000 pounds). Please watch and share the adorable video, you will be glad you did. Seriously, it’s so cute!