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Dillie the Deer (and a giveaway)

DillietheDeerDo you love charming stories? What about charming stories that involve a deer? If you said yes to either of these questions, Dillie the Deer is for you! Be sure to read to the bottom of the post too for your chance to win a copy.

Dillie the Deer is a celebration of the bonds between people and animals. Dillie, a three-day-old, blind, dying fawn came to veterinarian Melanie in 2004 when a kind farmer brought her in. Melanie wasn’t sure that Dillie could survive, but she did! Not only did she survive, but she became a member of the family.

The cute deer enjoys all the perks that other pets in the household do. She even learned how to open cabinets, climb stairs, and even turns the lights on and off! There is even a webcam to catch all the antics on Dillie’s website! That’s right friends, she has her own website. She has even been on National Geographic.

Dillie the deer also fills a special role in Melanie’s life when Melanie is diagnosed with cancer. The bonds between the two just show how special animals can be in our lives.

A truly charming book, one that any animal lover would enjoy reading. I enjoyed reading about this unlikely family member, and quickly became a Dillie fan. It’s also a story about a dedicated vet and the animals that she cares for. There is a lot about friendship and love in the story as well. You might want some tissues handy for some parts.

Enter to win a copy of Dillie the Deer. Use the entry form below, this is open to all countries.

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Dog Medicine; How My Dog Saved Me From Myself

In this touching memoir Julie Barton shares how powerful puppy love can be. Dog Medicine, shares the power of the human animal bond, as Julie recalls the darkest point in her life. A year out of college, she was struggling in the depths of depression, nothing seemed to be working and she wasn’t getting better.

Nothing reached her until the day she decided to do one hopeful thing: adopt a Golden Retriever puppy she named Bunker. That decision would change everything for the better.

The way Julie describes what it is like to be in the depths of depression is amazing. It really brings to life the hopelessness, and describes it in a way I had never heard before. If for nothing else, reading this memoir could help others understand an often misunderstood condition. But it’s not just a story about depression, it’s a story about hope, love, and yes, a dog.

Bunker became Julie’s medicine, just by being a dog really. Dogs have this wonderful way of accepting us just how we are. I love when she describes it: “So I decided to be as sad with Bunker as I needed to be, because he didn’t care. He accepted me. He didn’t need me to be happy… He didn’t judge me, he simply saw me.”

I think that is why we love our dogs so much, they just let us be us, flaws and all, and the love never stops. The book is a real testament to the power of pets, any animal lover would enjoy reading it. Watch the book trailer below, and of course, if you want your own copy of Dog Medicine you can pre-order now. The book releases on November 10th!

Dog Medicine, How My Dog Saved Me From Myself from Julie Barton on Vimeo.

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The MUTTS Winter Diaries

We were compensated to share about this adorable new book, but as always, we only share things we think our readers will love. Be sure to scroll to the bottom for a fun giveaway!

The MUTTS Winter Diaries

The treasured characters in the MUTTS comics have a special charm to kids and adults of all ages. The friendship, warmth, and humor between characters that are seemingly unlikely matches create a special dynamic that will warm your heart. The graphic novel style collection of the MUTTS diaries introduces some of the cast members through a variety of their most popular comic strips.

With winter on the way, there could not have been a better time to open up this book, so I was very excited to get my hands on a copy of The Mutts Winter Diaries, the second Mutts collection for kids! If you are a fan of MUTTS, you will love this collection. It, of course, has all of our favorite characters – Shtinky Puddin’, Sourpuss, Guard Dog, Bip and Bop, and even Crabby. The strips that McDonnell uses for this collection are quirky and thought provoking, perfect for inspiring children to care for animals and their environment.

The MUTTS comic

Patrick McDonnell created the comic strip MUTTS, which now appears in over 700 newspapers in 20 countries. MUTTS has been described by Peanuts creator Charles Schulz as “One of the best comic strips of all time.” McDonnell has received numerous awards for this strip, including the National Cartoonists Society’s highest honor, The Reuben, for Cartoonist of the Year.

MUTTS also won awards for its environmental and animal advocacy: two Genesis Awards from The Ark Trust, The HSUS Hollywood Genesis Award for Ongoing Commitment, the PETA Humanitarian Award, and a Sierra Club award, all for good reason. We love the awareness the author brings to shelter animals and animals that are tied up outdoors. It is such a great life lesson and the MUTTS diaries make it an easy transition into teaching our kids about how to treat animals.

McDonnell’s website,, promotes his animal- and earth-friendly philosophy. Consistent with McDonnell’s concern for the environment, all of the MUTTS books are printed on recycled paper. So not only do you get a great, heart-warming book, but you get to feel great about it too!

We think that you will love The Mutts Winter Diaries as much as we did, and we want to give you a chance to get your very own copy of the book, as well as a special Comics sleepshirt. To coincide with the release of the new book, The Mutts Winter Diaries, Richard Leeds International has designed a cozy nightshirt to give you the sweetest of dreams.


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War Dogs

Screen shot 2014-10-13 at 9.19.17 AMWar Dogs: Tales of Canine Heroism, History, and Love is an amazing book about truly amazing dogs.

We often hear about dogs serving together with our military, but seldom do we get to hear their stories. In War Dogs, we get to learn more about the furry fighters, those they serve with, and so much more.

I loved learning about how dogs first came to be soldiers. It was also interesting to see the photos and read accounts about dog heroes. And yes, there are some sad parts as well, as with people, some heroes pay the ultimate price.

A great read, truly so interesting. I’m looking forward to reading it again.

Disclosure: I received a copy of War Dogs in exchange for my review.

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