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Freshen your home with Febreze Air Purifier #KeepItFresh

This post is sponsored by Febreze™ Air Purifiers and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping Febreze Air Purifiers but 4 The Love of Animals only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Febreze Air Purifiers is not responsible for the content of this article.


Anyone living with pets knows that sometimes the air in your home can get stinky. Have you ever had a pet ferret? They are absolutely adorable, great pets, but oh so smelly! I sure wish this had been around when our sweet little ferret was alive, it would have made a big difference!

Even homes without pets can suffer from stale air, dust and dander, and other odors that make things less than pleasant (ever burn your dinner?). My husband and I always worry about what guests will smell when they come to our house because our home just doesn’t get good air flow, even though we keep it clean!

Luckily the new Febreze™ Air Purifier doesn’t just mask odors, it actually cleans the air! It is also a household dust reducer!


This is a nifty little machine friends! The HEPA-Type filter removes up to 99% of air pollutants, meaning that your air is actually getting clean and fresh, not just covered up. It also comes with a scent cartridge so you can add a nice scent to the air too though! It includes 1 Febreze linen & sky™ scent cartridge, which lasts up to 30 days. And of course you can buy replacement cartridges and filters easily when the time comes.

Febreze Air Purifier

I liked that there are 3 air-cleaning levels and a scent control dial. I’m not huge on scents, so I kept that part set on low and turned the cleaning dial all the way up! It made a big difference in our home, I could tell the room smelled fresher after running it the first time. I decided to put the Febreze™ Air Purifier in our living room so the air would smell fresh when people came over to visit. Our living room is also close to the kitchen, so it was nice to clean up cooking odors too!

Febreze Air Purifier scent area

The scent cartridge is easy to put in, as is the filter. As you can see, the scent cartridge slides in on top. If you wanted to change scents for different occasions it would be really simple to do so!

Some of the great features:

  • Automatic filter and scent replacement reminders
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified
  • Scent and fan controls
  • Easy to replace filters and scents
  • Available in 3 sizes: Tabletop, Mini Tower, Tower to meet room size needs.

Febreze Air Purifier

Here is a great video with great tips for pets from Febreze:

We have been really happy so far with the level of freshness it has added to our home. It runs quietly too, which is important if you are placing it in a room that gets used a lot like we did. I also really like how light it is, I can easily move it to other spaces if needed. It’s so great for homes with pets, and those without too!

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Simplify your cleaning routine with Neato Robot Vacuums #NeatoBestPetVacuum

logoNeato Disclosure

Everyone who loves a pet knows that they aren’t always tidy. Let’s face it, pet hair and other pet messes means more cleaning. Of course we wouldn’t trade our pets for anything in the world, which is why I am excited to share the Neato Robot Vacuum with you today! This little robot is going to help you simplify your cleaning routine!


This is my dream robot vacuum. Not only does is it the best for pets, it has so many other features, I can’t wait to try it for myself some day (just read the rave review Daily Tekk gave it)! The Neato Robot Vacuum is utilizing some neat technology! Neato Botvision navigation allows the vacuum to navigate around objects, into tight corners, under beds, across different surfaces (carpet to hardwood) with powerful suction and brushes. Fun fact; this laser guided navigation is the same technology used in Google’s driver-less car!


The schedule feature sounds amazing. Can you imagine? Just pick the days and times when you want your Neato to vacuum for you, and let it do the rest? You can vacuum in your sleep even! It even returns itself to it’s base to recharge. Add in the larger dust bin, bigger brush, and super suction, and this is one super robot vacuum. And it’s a REAL vacuum too, not just a sweeper like competitors. Check out the fun video below to see it in action and learn more about it:

Pets spend most of their lives on the floor, or on the ground outside. Keeping your carpet clean isn’t just for looks, it’s also for health, both for your pet and for the people in your house. Neato Robot vacuums can pick up dust and dirt particles as small as .03 microns! That is some deep cleaning friends! Think of how much better you will feel when you get down on the carpet to play with your furry friend knowing that the carpet is nice and clean. This feature really appeals to me for our household!


I’m also in love with the fact that it can easily go from hard to soft surfaces. We have both in our home, so this is a great feature. But most of all, haven’t we all wanted a self cleaning house? The Neato Robot vacuums bring us one step closer to that dream! The fact that they are also the best for pets is the cherry on top!

carpetcuteStay tuned, I’m going to be sharing how YOU can win this awesome vacuum for yourself very soon! Wouldn’t that be a fun win?

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Paws For The Balkans

Catastrophic floods following three days of extremely heavy rain this month have left large portions of Bosnia and Serbia submerged and millions of people and animals in desperate need of help. Thousands of animals have died from the immediate impact of the floods, but many more livestock and companion animals require urgent assistance.

Image: Reuters
Image: Reuters

World Vets is deploying to the region to provide support for animals that have been impacted by this disaster. Animals are often not the primary focus during massive disasters and World Vets is committed to bridging this gap and helping them during their greatest time of need. They depend on your help to provide life saving support for these animals.

Donations can be made to help the animals who need medical care, food and shelter at this link.

Please join BlogPaws, Pet 360 and World Vets in the global disaster response effort to the Bosnia and Serbia flooding

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Dogs love getting mail too! #BarkBoxGifts!

BarkBox Logo


Baby is a very picky girl, so sometimes finding a treat that she will love is hard. Enter the BarkBox! Each month you can surprise your furry friend with new treats and toys from this awesome subscription box for dogs! Baby’s BarkBox arrived on her birthday, and somehow she knew right away that the package was for her!


Action shot!
Action shot!

We loved what came in our first BarkBox. The toy was a huge success, Baby was running around with it all day long, and she even tasted some of the treats (this friends, is saying a lot). Besides being filled with great items, we felt great about this dog box because the company donates 10% of proceeds on each box to animal welfare organizations!


Every month, Scout, the head dog at BarkBox, picks out four to six treats, toys and hygiene products to send to your dog. All their products are sourced in the United States, Canada, South America and New Zealand. They never send products that they don’t feel comfortable giving their own dogs. They don’t send rawhide or anything that’s been processed with formaldehyde. They are trying to get products with minimal processing and are moving towards limited and single ingredient treats. We love that!

BarkBox Box

We also love that BarkBox customizes the boxes to fit different sized dogs. We got the small dog box, and it was a great fit for our girl. What was in our box:

  • Pet Lifestyle And You (P.L.A.Y) We were thrilled to find an item from P.L.A.Y in our BarkBox! The P.L.A.Y zucchini toy was a big hit!
  • N-Bone Always nice when something can clean and freshen dog breath! The all-natural Pearly Whites chew bone is wheat-, corn- and soy-free.
  • Bocce’s Bakery Baby wasn’t sure what to make of the Truffle Mac & Cheese delights! The truffle was a very new flavor for her, and this was a new item that BarkBox introduced to us.
  • Happy Howie’s Happy Howie’s treats are all-natural, and convenient. Break them into tiny-sized training portions for a real treat.
  • Etta Says The 7-inch Crunchy Deer Chew is a natural way to keep your pup busy. Great for dogs with allergies.

BarkBox Sizes include:

  • Small & Cute (0-20 lbs)
  • Just Right (20-50 lbs)
  • Big & Bold (50+ lbs)

They also offer a range of plan lengths:

  • 1 month – $29
  • 3 months – $72 ($24 per month – save over 17%)
  • 6 months – $114 ($19 per month – save over 34%)

Be sure to connect with BarkBox on Facebook and Twitter for more fun deals throughout the year.

I have written this post on behalf of BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network for BarkBox. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about BarkBox, as always, we only share information we feel is relevant to our readers.

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