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Celebrating a century of compassion: 100 years of animal rescue

For 100 years, one name has been synonymous with animal rescue in this country and around the world: American Humane Association.

100 years of rescueThis year, America’s first national humane organization is celebrating a century of rescuing animals from war, hurricanes, floods, wild fires and other disasters. To commemorate the occasion, they have released a historic timeline with remarkable photos capturing 100 years of American Humane Association’s animal rescue work.

American Humane Association’s animal rescue program was born on the battlefields of World War I Europe in 1916 when the U.S. Secretary of War asked the organization to save war horses. During that time, they rescued and cared for 68,000 wounded horses a month and since the Great War they have been part of virtually every major disaster response. Over just the past ten years American Humane Association has saved, helped and sheltered more than 80,000 animals.

“From World War I to the worst terror attack on U.S. soil and some of the deadliest, most destructive hurricanes, floods and tornadoes ever, American Humane Association’s animal rescue program has been there wherever and whenever animals are in need,” said Dr. Robin Ganzert, the organization’s president and CEO. “We are proud to commemorate 100 years of animal rescue, but we know that there is still so much to do, which is why our program is working to expand its lifesaving reach.”

This month American Humane Association is commemorating the 100th anniversary of their rescue efforts with a gift to – and investment in – America’s animals. The organization unveiled a giant, 50-foot rescue vehicle at the New York Stock Exchange on May 9. The vehicle, which carries lifesaving supplies and equipment to shelter 100 animals, will be stationed in Oklahoma’s Tornado Alley, debuting on May 20th – the anniversary of the EF-5 tornado that devastated the city of Moore in 2013.

Now entering its second century of rescuing animals in crisis, American Humane Association is preparing to meet new and growing challenges. While the organization has giant rescue trucks stationed in the Northeast, the Southeast, the Rocky Mountain area, and the Plains States, more of these trucks are needed for other disaster-prone regions of the country so that they may respond quickly when time is critical. The organization’s hope is to eventually have one rescue vehicle in each of the 10 FEMA regions across the country. Then they can be there whenever, wherever animals are in need.

And even when the skies are calm, American Humane Association intervenes in cruelty cases, helps prepare communities for the worst, educates schoolchildren on the vital role that animals play in our lives, and provides second chances to animal victims of abuse and neglect.

To see a historic timeline with photos capturing 100 years of American Humane Association’s animal rescue work, click here. To learn more or and to help American Humane Association’s rescue services expand its vital work saving animals, please visit

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Memorialize your pet with Pet Perennials

When our sweet bird passed away we buried her in a pretty place in our garden. Sadly, our dog passed away just a few months later from cancer. We decided to create a garden around her burial spot as well. Now thanks to Pet Perennials we have even more gorgeous flowers to add to both garden spots!

Pet Perennials memorial kit

Pet Perennials helps you memorialize your sweet pet by planting perennial seeds in your garden. It’s not just seeds that you get, it is a kit so you can create your own seed wafers. I really enjoyed making the seed wafers myself. It was nice to think about both of our recently departed pets as I put the seeds together into the planting matrix. There was both happiness and sadness as I thought about where we will place our cute little paw prints and hearts. I look forward to seeing the plants bloom and attract butterflies and hummingbirds to the garden.

Pet Perennials kit

If you have cremains you can include this in your seeds. We didn’t have any since we bury our pets, but I love the thought that you can include your pet in the garden in a very literal way.

We are adding our plantings to our pet’s burial spots, but you could choose their favorite spot in the yard, or anywhere else that you want to be reminded of your pet.

The kit would be such a lovely gift to give to someone who is grieving the loss of their pet. It’s such a beautiful way to create a remembrance. Pet Perennials also has the option to have your wafers made instead of doing it yourself, and they have charming pet cards and stationary as well.

We truly loved everything about the kit, and the process of making our wafers. I can’t wait for them to grow!

*Pet Perennials provided us with a kit for our review. As always, our opinions are our own.

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Skoshbox; Japanese Snacks (for humans)

We have shared a few treat boxes with you before, but they have always been for pets! Well today I am happy to share the Japan Box from Skoshbox. Why? Because it’s just for humans!

Skoshbox Japan box

We have tried a few other snack boxes before and were always a bit let down. Skoshbox has been amazing though! We got a subscription to the Dekabox when we started to learn Japanese. It was a fun way to try new treats, but also to help us with our reading skills. So of course when Skoshbox wanted us to try out their newest and biggest box, The Japan Box, we were thrilled!

Why we love this subscription:

  • Full sized treats. These are not samples, but full sized snacks!
  • Comes quickly, usually on the very first day of the month.
  • You can re-order your favorites on their website, and you get discounts based on how long you have subscribed.
  • Treats are all from Japan, so you get to try things we just don’t have in the states.
  • Fun mystery items (non-food).
  • 100% legal food products, and they pay extra to label all of their products with a complete English translated ingredient list (very helpful).
  • Super interesting snacks. This month included pudding flavored puffs, and octopus flavored sticks. Never boring!

The Japan box is great. In fact, I think we are going to have to upgrade our subscription! It comes with the most treats, both food and non-food, of all the boxes. That means you get two more of each kind over the Dekabox (which has more than the smallest Skoshbox). I especially liked the cute little sushi character key chain this month.

If you want to try a plan, we have a special code for you! You can save $2 off with the code: AIMEEROO. To see all the plan options visit the Skoshbox website. You can also connect with them on their social media channels, Facebook, Twitter, Instgram, and Pinterest.

Skoshbox provided a Japan box to us in exchange for our honest review. As always, our opinions are our own.

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