Listen-Speak by Bev Thompson

Listen – Speak
by Bev Thompson

I don’t listen to your words,
I listen to your speak vibrations.
Your imprinted voicebox, your tone,
your facial expressions, your body
language, your eyes.
Don’t turn your eyes away!
Look at me.
I interpret your silences.
I can hear everything you don’t say
with your lips perfectly spoken words.

I Am A Dog

Bev Thompson is a Feature Writer covering stories about Service and Working Dogs for online and magazine publications.
She has received several Excellence in Writing Nominations from The Dog Writer’s Association of America and won the DWAA Scribbles Award in 2018 for “Search and Rescue: Making The Lost Found Again.”
She lives in New York City with her Sealyham Terrier, Pip, who is Full of The Dickens, stirring the pot competing in AKC companion and performance events with her champion ‘sniffer’ at Scent Work Trials and a recent Earthdog Title.

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  1. Hannah J says:

    Terrific! Just replicating the life of my furbaby and me. She is a 5-year old Corgi but she looks like a 60-year old graceful lady while talking to me. I dedicate this poem to all the furbabies around the world.

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