A DOG’S WAY HOME book and Blu-Ray giveaway

Based on the bestselling novel by W. Bruce Cameron, A DOG’S WAY HOME finds its way onto Digital March 26 and on Blu-ray™ Combo Pack and DVD on April 9 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

The film chronicles the heartwarming adventure of Bella, the brave and adventurous dog that embarks on an epic 400-mile journey home after she is separated from her beloved human, Lucas. A DOG’S WAY HOME highlights the power of unconditional love between man’s best friend and its human companion.

We are excited to be able to give away a fun prize pack including the book the movie is based on, to one lucky reader!

Bonus Materials Include:
DIY Doggie Treats With Shelby What animal doesn’t like a special treat? With adult supervision and some help from our furry friends, we’ll make a couple of tasty homemade dog treats!
Unforgettable Journey Join novelist W. Bruce Cameron, director Charles Martin Smith and the extraordinary cast and crew as they discuss their journey to bring Bella’s heartwarming tale to the big screen.  
Dog Days: Shelby’s Production Diary Meet Shelby, the canine star of A Dog’s Way Home and track her journey from being adopted from a shelter to being cast as “Bella”.  Follow Shelby and her trainers as she prepares for the film and join her on set as she makes her big screen debut.  
Deleted Scenes

A DOG’S WAY HOME has a run time of approximately 96 minutes and is rated PG for thematic elements, some peril and language. This giveaway includes a copy of the book that inspired the movie, and the Blu-Ray. Our giveaway is open to those in the USA. Enter via the form below:

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  1. Oksana says:

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  2. AEKZ2 says:

    I have a 3 year old Yorkie. Her name is Peaches, and she is so sweet. She loves belly rubs, walks, and eating chicken.

  3. Joanna hacker says:

    Toby the terrible is a spoiled two year old black lab ???? his best friends are my daughter, a cat named Mouse, and a 1 eyed lab named Bo from next door

  4. Christin Wilbanks says:

    Our pet is a little Pomeranian dog that we’ve had for about 7 years! She’s definitely a part of our family and we love her like our children.

  5. Philip Lawrence says:

    My present dog is the most loving dog I have ever had in that she is friendly to everyone and everything around her.

  6. Tarissa says:

    I don’t actually have a pet right now. I lost my wonderful, beloved Westie in 2015. I love a good dog story that I can invest my heart in. 🙂

  7. Laurie Emerson says:

    We have 4 dogs. Their ages range from 2-14. They are all rescue dogs and are so loved by all of us.

  8. Alexander Saas says:

    We have two Huskies. The older one has lost a front leg to cancer, but keeps on keeping on!

  9. Ken C says:

    We have several dogs but my 4 legged buddy is a Riley an Australian shepherd who loves to go running with me.

  10. Debbi Wellenstein says:

    I currently don’t have any pets, but my kids have 6 dogs and three cats between them!

  11. Ellie Wright says:

    I have 2 shar-peis, Paisley and Spike. They’re silly and sweet and make our family complete.

  12. Karen Frewert says:

    Loved that movie and would love to read the book. I just adopted a 3 year old chihuahua from a high kill shelter in Tennessee. It’s an adjustment to my cats as Emmi is now trying to be alpha but some of the cats want to be it too!!

  13. Susan Smith says:

    We have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel names P.J. who we got when a friend had to move into an apartment. He is 14 years old and is so sweet and loving.

  14. Mary Wilson says:

    On Feb 24th, 2019 our “Old Man” crossed the rainbow bridge, he was a member of our family for 20 glorious years. We adopted him as a rescue pup when our son was a baby so he would always have a best friend and he ended up being so much more than that, we knew he would be special because he and my son shared the same birth date Feb 23, 1999. We all took it hard when he left us but my son hasn’t been the same since, I know it will take time not to get over him but to learn to live without him. He was such a blessing to our family.
    We still have other fur babies that needs lots of love and hopefully they will be with us just as long.

  15. Aunt Buzz says:

    Both our cats; Tigger and Tuffy have passed away, but we have two grand-dogs; a Great Dane and a Boxer.

  16. EMMA L HORTON says:


  17. crystle tellerday says:

    I have 2 kitties rainbow she is a calico and blackie he is black and he thinks hes a dog LOL and have 2 dogs a basset hound named bud and a pug maned max

  18. Linda G says:

    I have a new grand dog that my kids adopted . He loves to come over and play and run in my back yard.

  19. Paula S. says:

    I have 3 sweet doggies – all rescues and all very loving and wonderful, but 2 are seniors and I know they won’t be with us much longer. That will be a sad time when I lose them. They are my babies. I also have a cockatiel who always keeps me entertained! They are all definitely part of the family and loved very much.

  20. Tesa Shelton says:

    I currently have a blind and deaf poodle with a shoe fetish! He has a favorite cat friend, Meow, who guides him around the house.

  21. Kelly Gray says:

    We have a 2 year old golden retriever named Gracie. She likes to play with her toys and she’s smart and sweet. We have a cat who is 4 years old. Her name is Kenya, but she demands we call her meow. Cats are the boss lol

  22. Kelly Gray says:

    We have a 2 year old Holden retriever named Gracie. She likes to play with her toys and she’s smart and sweet. We have a cat who is 4 years old. Her name is Kenya, but she demands we call her meow. Cats are the boss lol

  23. John Smith says:

    “Tell us about your pets for extra entries.” We’ve had wonderful golden retriever mixes and they have been incredible!

  24. peter gladue says:

    Sam was my childhood dog. There’s a joke in the Family. I was walking him when I was young and as a basset hound he took hold of a scent and drag me down the block and when he got tired he just sat down and would not move. It was getting dark and I was to young to lift him up and carry him so I started crying. Some people saw me and ask me what was wrong. “I am responsible for my dog and now I can’t get him to go home” My Dad was called, so he had to get the car and drive over to me and pick Sam and pick us up. My Dad suggested that I should have tied the dog to a tree and run home to get him. Really?

  25. Sandy Weinstein says:

    i have 2 min. schnauzer girls, first cousins, they will be 9,10 this year at the end of the summer (which makes me sad). went to the dog show this past week, looking for 2 new puppies to show, black and silver min. schnauzer female and the russell terrier- female. which i think i found a a good breeder. i have had 4 min. schnauzers and i love them. my oldest passed away 2 y rs ago of histiocytic sarcoma, which is a very rare cancer. i have always had girls.

  26. vera wilson says:

    we got Bandit at the animal shelter. Just a puppy could hold in your hand. Become a part of the family from the beginning. Very protective of the children. Was a sad day when we lost him almost 18 years old.

  27. Steph says:

    I have two Boxers named Moe and Jasper and a French Bulldog named Beatrice Albus Severus. They are a motley crew. We also have a cat named Figgy.

  28. Linda Szymoniak says:

    I currently have three dogs and two cats. All three of the dogs are rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds (both boys came from high-kill shelters in NC and the girl, Megumi, came from a rescue in southern Indiana). My senior cat, Moko, was found as a stray by a friend’s father almost 9 years ago and I’ve had her ever since. My other kitty, Kotoha, will be three in June. She was just two weeks old when I found her as a feral kitten, and I had to bottle feed her at first. She has grown into a healthy, beautiful, sweet and loving cat.

  29. Miri says:

    We’d recently lost the dog who’d been part of my life for 16 years. The kids wanted a new dog, but I was absolutely not ready to commit my heart to another animal any time soon. We compromised on joining the local dog rescue’s foster dog program. Our first foster dog was a scruffy orange mutt who’d been dumped on the side of the interstate with a box of puppies. By the time she’d been in our house for 24 hours, we all knew she wasn’t going anywhere 🙂

  30. Christine Yvonne Groce says:

    I have a 3 year old miniature Schnauzer named Rocky. We have always had schnauzers because we have had such good luck with them. Rocky is the sweetest dog we have had to date. So lovable and great with people.

  31. LynneMarie says:

    I grew up with dogs from age 3 until age 38. Since then I’ve own cats (currently have 2 of them).

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