The Secret Life of Crows

Many people don’t realize just how amazingly smart crows are. This infographic from Capital Garden Services looks at just how smart and it makes for a really interesting read. Many believe they are just as smart as dolphins and apes which really is incredible.

Some of you may be familiar with how well crows adapt and even in the modern world we have built, they can figure out ways to do amazing things. For example, when a crow wants to break a nut they will often drop it in front of a car, so the car will roll over it for them. They then collect the nut when the light goes read and it’s safe to do so!

Crows also have extremely elaborate social behavior and can raise their young for up to five years. This is very long not only birds but for the majority of species in the animal kingdom. Check out the full infographic now for more information.


  1. The Ugly Bug Ball says:

    My Dad An avid bird lover always brought me up to know Crows are so important to our eco system he always told me they are the clean up crew of the roads and Highly intelligent so i grew up with a very different view of them that others ,as i became a adult i became a animal rescuer nothing big but we often took in injured crows,one imparticular had injured his foot i suspected he had been ejected from his rookery he was only young never aggressive he would sit on a shoulder or a bin outside and never attempted to fly about 6 months on he never attempted to fly off other than strectch his wings we thought he was with us for the long haul then one day like many others the crows flew over and i dont know what was different about this day but he took off effortlessly with them turns out he could always fly just chose not too i wish other people could appreciate the intelligence of the crow family and what their role is in nature

  2. Fin says:

    Everyone always says that ‘playing’ is a sign of intelligence. Dolphins will spend a large part of their day simply playing.

    I once saw a video of a crow using a metal jam jar lid to sled down a snowy roof top, then pick up the lid and carry it back to the start to do it all over again! Now that is one smart bird! look it up on youtube.

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