Pets and hot cars: What you need to know

It doesn’t take much time for a car to get hot enough to cause serious harm, or even death, to a pet. Did you know researches have found that close to 80% of temperature increase in vehicles happens within the first 30 minutes? Keep you pet safe, don’t leave them alone in the car. Here is a great graphic that explains why:

Pet Safety and Rising Temperatures

Pet Safety and Rising Temperatures created by FIGO Pet Insurance.

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  1. A Das says:


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  4. Brigette says:

    I love to see blogs and articles that acknowledge the dangers of leaving a dog in a car on hot days or just any day. A customer about two weeks ago left her dog in her car because she only needed to run into our store real quick. We encouraged her to take her dog out because of not only the heat, but because it our state law to not leave your dog in your car when it opposes danger. I find it insane that only five states have laws like this. I feel all states should pass a law to keep our animals out of danger.

  5. Thanks for the advice dear. Surely we will have to take care of our pets.

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