Cooking With Cats Coloring Book (and a giveaway)

Do you love cats? What about food? Do you also like to color? This book combines all of those wonderful things together for a fun coloring experience! The cats take the cake in their “food cosplay”, such as cat sushi.

I’m always excited to try a new coloring book, and this one did not disappoint! As soon as my copy arrived I knew just which one I wanted to color first! Not that it was easy to choose though, with 25 illustrations to pick from, there were plenty of great choices.

Where did this idea come from you may ask? Author and Illustrator Jess Erskine explains;

My dad thought of it first, so I stole it from him and ran with it… mashing cats together with every kind of food I love, like cupcakes and coffee and sushi and cinnamon buns. It’s hard to look at this coloring book without your mouth watering.

And yes, Jess has a cat named Morty, and the book is dedicated to him. It’s a funny dedication too, one that most cat owners will probably relate to.  Apparently Morty is a bit of a butt, a lovable one though.

I picked the doughnut page as my first color, and since it was about food why not use my food scented markers, right? It’s still in progress, but I had so much fun coloring it! Another thing I love is that each page is single sided, so no need to worry about bleeding through to another design. Makes the book perfect for markers, crayons, or colored pencils.

Cooking With Cats coloring book

We have 3 copies for our giveaway! This is open to our readers in the US & Canada. If you can’t wait for your chance to color, you can pick up your own copy of Cooking With Cats online, and you can even print some coloring pages for free on the author’s website! Enter via the form, and good luck:

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10 Responses to Cooking With Cats Coloring Book (and a giveaway)

  1. Melanie huttner says:

    I love my two cats Parker and Goblin!

  2. Lynne says:

    I have two favorite cats and they are mine (Desiree and Allie).

  3. Amanda says:

    I admit I have never used an adult coloring book, but I’d love to with this one! I can’t pick a favorite cat, but I do love the breed Turkish Van. I’d love to have another one someday. And now I want a donut…

  4. Jenni Sewell says:

    My favorite food is anything breakfast related except pancakes!

  5. Linda says:

    My favourite food is chocolate cake with lots of buttercream.

  6. Katie C. says:

    My favorite cat is Maru!

  7. Bianca Munoz says:

    My favorite cat is Scratchy from the Itchy and Scratchy show from the Simpsons of course 🙂

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  9. Jonnie says:

    Oddly, my favorite food is lasagna and my favortie cat is Garfield

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