Bambi is now on Blu-Ray

A childhood favorite is now out on Blu-Ray, which means Bambi is looking the best it has since it came out on film in 1942!

The special “anniversary edition” has a lot of fun extras, including 2 deleted scenes. It even includes a collectible lithograph. It also has a charming short film called “Oswald The Lucky Rabbit”.

I thought this interview was cute, and it explained a very important question I always had as a child too! Listen to Walt Disney explain why Bambi’s mother died in the movie, the response from Diane (his daughter) is priceless.

My favorite character was always Flower. I mean, a cute little skunk named Flower!! Does it get much cuter? Of course, Bambi being on ice for the first time was memorable too.

Here are some fun, behind the scenes photos, of the development of the movie. I love how you can see the different poses and movement of Bambi. I think about what it would have taken to animate movies, especially back in the early days of animation, and I am always so impressed. The movies are truly magical, on so many levels.


It was fun to be able to relive childhood memories while watching the movie again. It had been a long time, but it still tugged at the heart strings. What are your memories of the movie?

I got a copy of Bambi in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.



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