Cheers and Celebrations for National Puppy Day!

Do you know what day March 23rd is? YES, it’s National Puppy Day, and during this celebration, there is no better day than to bring home a cute little pup!

And while we give cheers and celebrations for this day, and hopefully you’ll find a new BFF of the 4 legged variety, there are some things to consider first before you bring a buddy home.

Rescue Puppies

The National Puppy Day motto is “Adopt instead of shop,” and there is a good reason for this too. Your local shelter has many cute and lovely little rescue puppies that need a forever home. By adopting instead of shopping, you’ll be freeing up valuable kennel space, you’ll provide funding for more rescues and you’ll be making a puppies dreams come true! There is no better feeling than this win-win situation of helping your shelter and bringing home a pupper!

Size and Space

One of the biggest things to consider is space for your puppy to grow. This is especially true if it is a large dog breed. Granted, a little pup will be happy almost anywhere, but you need to think about size and space in the coming year or two. Larger dogs need a larger space, so make sure you have the room for the size breed your puppy will grow up to be.

Plenty of Exercise

Your puppy will need plenty of exercise, including walks, runs and play. They need these activities for normal development and muscle growth. You have to make a commitment to make sure they get this type of exercise, preferably once per day walks and runs, to keep them healthy and happy.

Puppies Cost Money

When you first bring home a pup, your only thought may be about making sure they have food and water. And while that is a regular monthly expenditure, it’s only a small part. You’ll also have vet visits, shots, worming, grooming, toys and other kinds of expenses that you may never have thought of. In truth, having a puppy may run you around $300 dollars per month, and if you can’t afford that, then you can’t afford a puppy.

Open Your Heart

National Puppy Day is almost here, and if you have the room, have the space, have the time for vet visits, walks and runs, and if you can afford it, then adopt instead of shop, open your heart, and bring home a sweet little bundle of 4 legged joy!

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