Great books for animal loving kids!

As the holiday season gets nearer, you might be looking for a great gift for the pet loving kids in your life. Today I am going to share two adorable books with you! We got to see one for ourselves, and just loved the illustrations and the message.

First up, Piper Was Afraid. This is the book we got to see, and even more exciting was that it came with a stuffed version of Piper and Cornelius the mouse!


The book comes signed by the author as well, and even comes with an adorable adoption certificate for Piper. The story is so cute too. Piper is an enormous Irish Wolfhound who is afraid of just about everything, but then he realizes he is missing out on all the fun. Also the cute little Cornelius (a mouse) appears on each page!

The second book is by the same author, and is called Lily the Fancipoo.


When her family decides to take a Holiday vacation, Lily is sent to spend some time with her cousins in the country and learns that love far outweighs the benefits of material things! Children will enjoy seeing Lily transform as she lets down her guard and begins to enjoy the farm. When Lily is in her home state of Florida there is a tiny lizard hidden on each page that children will have fun searching for and then when Lily arrives in the country, Lottie the mouse is hiding!

Lily the Fancipoo also comes with a plush Lily, and Lottie the mouse!

The illustrations and stories are perfect for sharing with children of all ages, and they will love to cuddle with their new friends too.


  1. Pet Lover says:

    Aww.. These books very interesting. I have never purchased books like this for my kids. I think these books are great to help our kids to understand the mentality of dog and how to be good with them.
    My little son was not ready at the time of the adoption of a dog but with the passage time, now he loves the dog, but it took many months.
    I think if I had these books at my home, the whole process would be easier for me, the dog and for my son. Is there any link to purchase them? I am thinking to gift one to someone.

    • Tilly says:

      Thanks redrem333- I ended up leaving them out free range most of the rest of summer and they figured it out. Now that it rainy falw/linter in Seattle they are in more.

  2. Mary Nielsen says:

    These books are beautiful, my niece has Lily the Fancipoo and she and her small poodle are reading it all the time. I can personally recommend that one 🙂

    These children books are great even if you dont have a dog, they can develop love for dogs and other animals which is great! Sometimes parents dont have conditions to have a dog but with books like these kids can learn and understand what love for animals is all about 🙂

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