5 Most Important Things to Know As A First-Time Dog Owner

Who doesn’t love a companion that is sweet, loving, caring, protective, and totally cuddle-worthy? Well, for most of us, the ideal pet companion is a dog that is also dubbed as a man’s best buddy and we couldn’t agree more.


Dogs are the most affectionate, fun, and adorable pets to have around, especially for those who like some company with them at all times. However, just because they are utterly adorable and perfect as best friends, there are still a few things to consider prior to bringing them home. In order to enjoy a happy and loving bond with your canine pet, we have listed down the 5 most important things you must know as a first-time dog owner.

Train your Dog to Follow Commands and Behave
First-time dog owners often make the mistake of spoiling their pets with ample food in their bowl at all times, offering them too many treats throughout the day, falling for their pet’s puppy-dog face, and many more. However, if you want your dog to be well-behaved, you will need to stop spoiling and start training.

You will need to teach it simple commands like sit, no, come here, stay, etc., to make your life easier. These commands also help keep your canine safe in risky situations. Depending upon the temperament and breed of your dog, you might also need to get your dog into obedience classes to make it obey your commands and remain in a good mood in public.

Positive Reinforcement is a must
Your dog might test your patience by not obeying your commands or doing something that irritates you, but you need to maintain your composure at all costs. Many dog owners get aggressive with their pet dogs and when their dogs don’t listen, they simply hit them to correct their behavior. Although it might seem the right thing to do to lightly tap your hand on your dog’s head to stop it from misbehaving, you need to know that it will only make things worse. Always apply positive reinforcement techniques to train your dog and make use of treats to encourage your dog to learn new tricks and commands.

Avoid too much Processed Dry and Wet Food
A healthy dog is the one that gets nourishment and nutrients from home cooked fresh food. However, due to the convenience that commercial dry and wet food offer, many dog owners opt for it without realizing the threat they may pose to their beloved companion’s health and well being.

Commercial dry and wet dog food can be given to your dog, in limited amounts on an occasional basis. It is best to cook homemade food for your canine friend with food items that are fresh and nutritious.

Bathroom Train your Dog First
When you bring your pet dog home, you need to know that it requires bathroom training. You cannot immediately train your dog to defecate in the yard, but you can place a litter box in its room with sand so that it doesn’t spoil your home. Once your dog learns to defecate in a litter box and is comfortable going in the yard, you can train it to use the yard as the bathroom.

Get in Touch with a Reputable Vet
One of the most important things that you need to do first when you get a dog is to get in touch with a reputable vet. Talk to your friends and family with dogs to recommend a good vet for your dog. Make sure the vet you choose is near your home so that you can rush to them immediately in emergencies.

We hope these tips will help make your dog a happy and healthy part of your family.

Guest post thanks to: Spoilt Rotten Dogs day care in Sydney, Australia.

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