Foods that are toxic for dogs

Dogs are such wonderful companions; they are loyal and obedient once they are trained and treated well will make for a great relationship that can last many years. Many dogs hold really important functions such as guarding properties; leading blind and visually impaired people and also they make excellent companions for individuals who have issues such as autism.

As a result of your dog becoming your life companion, you really should know how to best care for them. Do some research in advance of getting the dog about what they need in terms of making them comfortable in your environment because not all dogs will suit every living space.

Keep in mind hidden costs such as how often they’ll require feeding; what sort of bedding they need and things like grooming and cleaning will also need to be addressed.

Check out this infographic below from Greyhounds as Pets which aims to highlight those foods which can actually be harmful for your dog; some might surprise you! It also gives some tips on preventing your dog getting their paws on the foods they’re not supposed to and also gives some insight on what to do should your dog actually ingest any of these baddies. See more below!


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