Quokkas are adorable.

¡Hola! ?? #quokka#instaquokka

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Don’t you just love the adorable quokka? Sadly these little guys are decreasing in the wild. They aren’t fearful of humans, and often can be seen posing for cute photos online. Luckily their cuteness might just be the thing that saves them, since people usually save what they love.

Learn more here, and if you are on Instagram, follow the above account for more adorable pics.

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One Response to Quokkas are adorable.

  1. jananthonisz says:

    Quokkas are adorable as long as people leave them alone with the exception of Animal carers and rescuers.

    And I quokka (quote) they must not be harmed or otherwise Hitler will return to destroy you.

    Animals first.

    Jan Anthobisz

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