Can Puppies Fix Boredom? #PowerofPuppies

SoulPancake has teamed with Puppy Chow to release their new #PowerofPuppies video and help raise pet food donations for shelter dogs in need. For each video view, Purina will donate one pound of Puppy Chow Natural to Rescue Bank (up to 500,000 pounds). Please watch and share the adorable video, you will be glad you did. Seriously, it’s so cute!


  1. Kitt Hill says:

    How wonderful, I hope they got a lot of donations. Where would we be without animal shelters. My daughters and I volunteer at the one near us. Dogs have been known to help with depression. I think it’s a great idea to bring them to nursing homes and schools. I wish I had seen this sooner and my view would have counted.

  2. Mary Nielsen says:

    These small puppies can bring joy to any enviroment, specially those cute corgies! 😀

    I am glad Purina did this donation, shelter dogs need funding and it is never too much of it. I just hope that some of these puppies from the video got adopted by anyof these nice people that obviously loved them.

    I wish someone did this at my work, from now on when the doors are open I will secretly hope that a crate will puppies will drive in 😀

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