The Economics of Pets

We all love our furry friends, and of course we pamper them every chance we get! Do you know how much we are projected to spend on our furry friends this year? Quiet a lot! Good planning for pet needs is an important, but often overlooked, aspect of pet ownership.

Check out this fun infographic from Personal Capital about the economics of pets! And then weigh in, how do you show love for your pets without breaking the bank? I’d love to hear about all the wonderful ways you pamper your fur babies while still building up your net woof!

economics of pets


  1. Scott Jenkins says:

    We adopted two dogs so we could love them without giving a thought to whether or not we could afford it. We’re very fortunate in that regard.

    It does hurt the wallet a bit when we go on vacation for a week and have to board both dogs. That’s not a check I enjoy writing but we never think of our dogs as an expense. They’re a gift.

  2. Rachel says:

    Obviously some expenses such as vets fees can’t be avoided, but to me all a dog needs is love and attention, and that doesn’t cost anything. My dog loves nothing more than playing fetch with a tennis ball. The greatest gift I can give her is to spend some time doing this with her every day.

    • Aimee says:

      I agree, the simple things seem to make our pets the most happy. Our dog loved to play with a smelly sock more than most of her actual dog toys.

  3. jananthonisz says:

    Every animal is priceless so much more the staff at the checkout know what I have for dinner every night: The left overs.

    The other day someone asked me if I am a vegetarian? No, I replied but my Dog is.

    The other day walking through the bush with Willow my 13 years old Belgian Sheppard a young male adolescent pup on heat approached her and said to her,

    “I’m going to duck you”. “Don’t be silly”
    she replied,

    “You can’t even say the word properly”.

    Stop the puppy mills Okay!. There are too many dogs on death row.

    They should try that on low life criminals, mentally ill and free loaders on welfare that serve no purpose to humanity. Hitler didn’t do a very good job did he?

    So there I was in my front yard drinking tea with Willow from the same cup (slurp slurp). All was well and peaceful till someone passing by commented, “OOooo you shouldn’t do that it’s not healthy” .

    Willow my Belgian Shepard replied, “Why? is there a difference between drinking from his cup and giving someone a blow job”?.

    Dog Bless from the Catlick Society.
    Jan Anthonisz

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