Join the Meow Mix Acatemy

Calling all cat lovers! You know the joy that these furry friends bring to your life. Now there is a place just for cat parents. This virtual community is just for cat lovers, and it’s called the Meow Mix Acatemy.

Kittens 3

You know the unique kind of joy cats can bring you: the random, delighted sprint through the house, the gentle nuzzle on your neck, the purr that melts away all your cares. (Cats might just be the key to eternal happiness, wouldn’t you agree?) As people perceptive enough to understand what makes cats so remarkable, it’s important that we stick together… basically, we need our own version of a ‘dog park.’


That’s one of the reasons I started my blog, I wanted to foster a sense of community with animal lovers. As it turns out, Meow Mix cat food has the same wish! They’ve just launched this amazing group called Meow Mix Acatemy, a one-of-a-kind society for cat lovers to learn cool expert insights, see cat-related news, and get special perks. I’m a proud member – along with many other top cat bloggers, authors, and ‘pet personalities’ – and you’re invited to join, too!

Plus, all new members get a FREE bag of Meow Mix’s new Irresistibles Treats… your cat is going to love you for joining! It’s a pretty sweet deal.

Curious? Watch this video to find out more:

Sign up at: I hope to see you there! Let me know if you join!