The “tail” of the stinky purse.

As an animal lover I am always on the lookout for cute animal themed things. I’m going to guess this is common among animal lovers, right? Anyway, I found an adorable dog purse on a website, but it was selling for almost $60! Here is the purse:

Cute dog purse

I really wanted to buy it, but just couldn’t bring myself to spend that much on a novelty purse, so I did what I always do in these situations. I looked on Amazon! Sure enough, there was the same purse, but for only $10!! A few clicks later it was on it’s way to my house.

Here’s where the story takes a smelly turn. The purse arrived, and was just as darling in person as I expected. It was nicer than expected too (for $10 who knew what was going to arrive)! However, it smelled so amazingly bad. I don’t know the right words to describe the smell, but it was strong, and there was no way I could use the purse right away… I mean, what if people thought that smell was ME?

So I took the purse down the basement where it could air out without offending noses. And it did air out, and is now just fine for use. In fact, all trace of the nasty smell is gone. Phew!

I’m just glad I didn’t spend the $60 and got it for $10 instead! 🙂

Has anything like this ever happened to you?