Strut Your Mutt 2015

We love Best Friends, and are so excited for Strut Your Mutt 2015!

I’m strutting as part of a local rescue team (you can support my goal here if you want), but you can walk as an individual, start your own team, or join one a team that already exists. You can even strut virtually!

Strut Your Mutt, presented by BOBS from Skechers, is a 12 city fundraising dog walk, 5K run and festival that brings together rescue groups, shelters and individuals to celebrate the collective effort of saving the lives of shelter pets.

The event kicked off the tour last weekend in Minneapolis and Portland, and will be visiting the following cities this month and next:

Austin – September 19
Kanab, UT – September 19
Jacksonville, FL – September 26
NYC – September 26
San Francisco – October 3
DC Metro Area – October 10
Los Angeles – October 10
St. Louis – October 10
Houston – October 17
Salt Lake City – October 24

Since 2010, Best Friends has raised more than $5.2 million for its animal welfare partners through Strut Your Mutt. The national goal for this year is $2.6 million.

Can’t make it to an in person strut? Join the virtual Strut Your Mutt Challenge! Supporters can raise money to help homeless pets in their own communities or for national programs that help to create sweeping changes for homeless pets everywhere. Learn more about it and join the fun at Strut Your Mutt.


  1. Meagan says:

    How fun is this?! We have this event at Sugar House park every year and it is so much fun. I’m trying to convince my husband to get a dog, but I still love going to the park and watching all the cute puppies strut their stuff.

  2. mysocalledchaos says:

    So much fun! I love Strut Your Mutt and did it a few years back. I need to do it again soon now that I have a pup, but we have to work out some issues he has with little dogs and strangers-he’s the most terrified 65lb thing I’ve ever seen.

    • Aimee says:

      Awe, poor big baby! I hope that he is able to overcome the fears so he can enjoy being out and about. Glad that you have strutted before and excited for you to do it again someday! 🙂

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