Muttropolis is a great website full of products every pet parent would want for their dog or cat. Baby got to try out two fun soft toys and calming aromatherapy spritzer.


As you can see, she fell in love with the strawberry toy (you would think the poor girl had never had a toy before in her life the way she went crazy for it). She has also loved her “Chewnel Pawfume”.

The aromatherapy spray was really nice. It works very well for detangling and it can be used on dry hair (perfect for getting out mattes) as well as after a bath. It smells very good, and it does seem to work for calming as well as just helping with tangles.

Muttropolis offers all kinds of products for your dog, clothing, beds, eco-friendly goods, fun Halloween costumes, and of course, harnesses and collars. They offer things for the kitties as well as the dogs, such as scratching posts, beds and toys. The other great thing about them is they encourage pet adoption through rescue, and hold adoptions at their offline shops.

We give Muttropolis 5 out of 5 paws up!

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