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We have really put the Febreze Air Purifier to the test this past month. Thanks to the fires burning in all the states around us our air has been awful, both inside and out. Imagine always smelling a bit like campfire, or BBQ. Add other household smells to the mix and you have the perfect recipe for a stinky house. The smoke was a bigger concern though, since I have asthma I was worried about our indoor air. Luckily this product works at clearing the air, not just covering it up!


The HEPA-Type air purifier removes up to 99% of air pollutants in the room, so it isn’t just a household odor reducer, it is also a household dust reducer. This is especially helpful if you have pets that create a lot of dander.


Not only does it work great, but with the different settings you can get a fresh scent exactly the way you want it! We aren’t huge on strong scents, so we ended up keeping the scent level on the lowest setting. This way we got just enough of a scent to be able to smell a little, but not so much that it was all you could smell. It smelled fresh without smelling fake. You could run it without a smell cartridge too if you don’t want any kind of scent, but we found that having a little scent was quiet nice.


Actually, I’m hoping that they will make more scents available some day. I can imagine different scents for the seasons, and of course I would love a vanilla scent. Right now the scent that comes with it is linen & sky, which is nice and clean smelling. There is one other scent available called spring & renewal. Replacement cartridges are easy to install, as is the filter.

We put ours in the main room of our home, it’s the first room guests enter so we wanted it there to make a great impression. The first floor of our home is somewhat small, so we can actually get the benefit of the air purifier throughout the entire first floor. It’s so nice to walk into the house and have it smell fresh.


I also love that the unit reminds you when to replace the filter and scent. So helpful not to have to remember yourself or wonder if it’s the right time.

Buy your own here, they come in three different sizes for different rooms. I’m already thinking of adding another to our home. We have really loved the Febreze Air Purifier, and would recommend it to anyone who is worried about pet odors and other odors in their homes.

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  1. k2k9dogs says:

    I didn’t know Febreze made such a thing! Way cool! I want!!! Is it one of those reverse-ion things though? Sometimes those give off a weird chlorine smell, and also I remember we had one at work back in the “smoke at your desk” days (what? yes, there was such a time ha ha), and one of the ladies at work actually got dizzy from the stupid reverse-ionization air purifier!! Who knew?

  2. adrianscrazylife says:

    This looks interesting. Actually, our pets smell fine, but I have a teenaged son and his room is STINKY! I would probably deploy one of these just in his room alone.

  3. Amberly says:

    This is awesome! We have an air purifier in one of our rooms but have been looking to add more, especially with a new baby in the house 🙂

  4. Aliza B says:

    I think this would be great for us. Even with cleaning the cat’s box every day it gets a little smelly in the house. Thanks for sharing your review.

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