National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day #Cat2VetDay

Saturday, August 22, is “National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day” (#Cat2VetDay) and the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) is using this as an opportunity to educate cat owners on the importance of routine check-ups. Eighty-three percent of cats are taken to the vet in the first year of ownership, yet over half of them don’t return!


Help spread the word, and if you are a cat owner please remember to take your cat to the vet for routine check ups.

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3 Responses to National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day #Cat2VetDay

  1. Equi says:

    Very useful infographics – thanks 🙂

  2. Amy Orvin says:

    Great tips and info!!

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