New Reality TV show – Dr Lisa to the Rescue

DrLisa1Forget The Bachelor! Bones replace roses when true, life-lasting love finally comes to TV with the launch of Dr Lisa to the Rescue, a riveting new reality show which finds forever homes for rescue dogs. Dr. Lisa Chimes, of Bondi Vet, is on a personal crusade to change Australia’s view of shelter dogs, one pooch at a time. The show debuts Saturday, July 18, 4:30 pm on Channel 9 (learn more here).

Finding the right match for a life-long commitment is a challenge. Dr. Lisa combs the Animal Welfare League in search of the right rescue dog for each pet-yearning family. For each case several dogs are presented, sometimes with hilarious antics, but which lucky pup will they choose? It’s a heart-warming show that has you questioning just whom is rescuing whom.

“Each year over 100,000 homeless dogs find refuge at shelters across Australia,” says Dr. Lisa. “Sadly, many Australians have misconceptions about rescue animals. They may not be aware that shelters regularly retrain and work with the animals to help them become loving lifelong companions.”


Over the course of 10 weeks, Dr. Lisa must find and fit dogs to lifestyles ranging from a search for a companion to horses and chickens on a farm, to a single career woman in a tiny apartment; from a grieving couple looking to replace a beloved pet, to a large family excited to own a dog for the very first time. It’s a must-match of personalities and places, people and pets. Along the way, there are tips and guidance on pet care and proper set-up to ensure a happy home.

“All these rescue dogs have stories, but their stories are not over,” adds Dr. Lisa. “My goal is to ensure their stop in the shelter is just the beginning of the next chapter for them, with a very long and happy ending. They have so much love to give, and the reality is, it’s their new owners who are the lucky ones.”

DrLisa3All manner of breeds, tiny to large, some shy,others boisterous and brimming with personality, the rescue dogs have one thing in common- they’re looking for love. “You won’t get a more grateful, loving pooch than a pound dog,” she says. “These dogs know they’ve been given a second chance at life and they are so happy. They couldn’t love their owners more for giving them a home.”

Dr Lisa to the Rescue is sponsored by Nestle PURINA Petcare, who has partnered with Animal Welfare League Australia to provide the dogs and cats at AWLA affiliated shelters looking for new homes, with the best nutritional care possible and to promote the adoption of rescue pets in Australia.

For more information about the Animal Welfare League and how you can adopt an animal visit:

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One Response to New Reality TV show – Dr Lisa to the Rescue

  1. jananthonisz says:

    About time too. I am all for it as there are so many abandoned and unwanted pets needing to be re-homed to dedicated animals lovers. I should know I come across this often within my area and I can only do so much.

    All more the reasons for Federal and State law to close down and make illegal with very very high penalties for Puppy Mills, Cat breeders and above all Pet shops including private – domestic pet owners who breed to sell puppies or kittens to be close down. It’s all about profit nothing else. Get a real job.

    It has to be seen as a crime of the highest order.

    It is all very well blaming feral cats, dogs, horses, donkeys, camels, rabbits and much much more for so call ruining the environment when humans are at fault.

    If a dog for example bites, it is put down. If a human rapes or kills a child it is given VIP 5 star accommodation with um-teen privileges. Same applies to politicians wrought after wrought like that Bishop of Canberra.

    Pet ownership must have stricter laws like owing a firearm.

    All pets must be insured for illness and accidents by law. I often see too many neglected animals in pain and suffering and it appears the R.S.P.C.A. is not powerful or is too complacent to anything about it. Who are they afraid of?

    Keep this up and this planet will be no more for without animals and trees humans will be no more. Everyone forgets we originally came from the trees and other microbes which has bugger all to do with the fairy tale story of Adam and Eve or Allah Goot.

    And now for the Hokey-Pope-e. “All things tight and wonderful all creatures great and small”.

    Now we know why they like little boys and as for the Nun’s chorus, well, they’re getting none.

    Social dropouts so thus, Mary had a little lamb. Now her cats are everywhere; “Here pussy pussy”. Ring ring, “Hello Sailor”. I’m a virgin. Opps there’s another baby at the expense of the tax payer.

    Free housing, free car, free medicare, text and speak all day on mobile-oil as it’s all free including milk.

    Now we know why the “Cow jumped over the Moon” while the little kitten or puppy for the child is left and neglected to fetch for itself because of the use by date.

    Oh well time to have another baby. So much for being the Vagina Mary. Yes, I did have a pussy that’s why I’m a bitch.

    Woof, meow, squeak.

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