Family Comedy RESCUE DOGS Finds its Four Legs

Rescue Dogs movie star ChargerA first of its kind family comedy, RESCUE DOGS features real rescue animals in the starring roles of this kid-friendly narrative feature. A heartwarming story about how rescue animals can sometimes return the favor by saving their owners with their unconditional love and care, RESCUE DOGS is aimed to make audiences laugh and smile, but also make a difference to animal rescues nationwide. The production team has agreed to donate a significant portion of their proceeds from the film to select partner rescue organizations across the country. “From the time we joined this film, we knew it would not only be a great indie-kids film, but also a remarkable chance to raise awareness and money for animal rescues,” says Dan Cunningham, President of Busted Buggy Entertainment. “It’s a fun, simple film that can make a big difference.”

The film features dynamic comedy performances from its non-four-legged cast including up-and-comer Courtney Daniels, Paul Haapaniemi, and Jordan Rawlins. Rawlins is also the creator and writer of the screenplay. The project is helmed by co-directors Michael J. Anderson and Haik Katsikian.

Principle photography is complete and the edit for RESCUE DOGS is well underway. Currently the producers and co-directors are engaging talent to voice the furry rescue leads and anticipating those cast announcements over the next month. “So many great actors and celebrities have a passion for rescuing animals. By reserving a few of the voiceover roles from the beginning, we have the opportunity to offer those actors the chance to be a part of this film and make a difference,” says Cunningham.

In planning the release of the film, currently slated for October, Busted Buggy Entertainment is engaging rescue organizations nationwide, as well as pet brands that are focused on helping rescue animals. Announcements of these partnerships and benefiting charities are expected to begin early in the summer. For more information about the film find them on at

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