101 Dalmatians is out of the vault!

101 DalmationsFor the first time, the original classic 101 Dalmatians is now on Blu-Ray! I was really excited to get a chance to revisit an old childhood favorite, and it was even cuter than I remembered.

It releases tomorrow, February 10th, 2015, so be sure to get your paws on a copy!

Did you know that Walt Disney based the movie on the novel The Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith? Seems that all great movies come from books, doesn’t it? And the adventures of Pongo and Perdita, and all of their puppies, is sure to capture the hearts of animal lovers both young and old.

101 Dalmatians: Diamond Edition comes with 2 disc Blu-ray, the DVD, and the digital so you can watch on a variety of devices. And it looks amazing too! You wouldn’t guess that the film was from 1961!

Lots of fun extra features too! Remember, Disney special releases like this only happen for a short time, so be sure to snag your copy while you can.

*We received a copy of 101 Dalmatians: Diamond Edition in exchange for our review.*

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  1. Jan Anthonisz BSMA says:

    With modern lifestyles it is now 101 Damatians. So sad it’s all about fashion, money and lust. When the use by date nears or it is beyond repair it is to throw them to the dogs so so speak.

    I say, go buy a pet crocodile. At least you can dispose of your partner easily when the use by date appears.

    No worries. Love animals and you cannot make a commitment. Fine, go watch a Good Movie like, 101 Dalmatians, Red Dog, Dog and Cats, Hatchi, Milo and Otis and many more

    So meow, double meow, double triple meow to you’s all.

    Ask Topcat and yes and don’t forget the great TV animated series, “TOP CAT”. As far as he was concerned he was TOP DOG. Dog and cats and it wasn’t even raining.

    Dog Bless.


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