Petcam; The World Through the Lens of Our Four Legged Friends

PetCam_cover_4 Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see the world from the perpective of your dog or cat? What about a cow? Or even a chicken? Pet Cam: The World Through the Lens of Our Four-Legged Friends is full of wonderful photos from animal photographers! And yes, they aren’t all just dogs and cats (although there are many of those).


We are giving away a copy of Petcam to one lucky reader. The book is not only full of fun, full color photos from our four legged (and two legged) friends, but there are also tips for how to help your pet become a photographer!


The book is really fun to look at too, with some photos that look as though they were planned, and others that make you wonder what you are seeing. The range of photos is actually pretty amazing.


My beautiful picture

Would you like the chance to win? One lucky winner will receive a copy of Pet Cam: The World Through the Lens of Our Four-Legged Friends. USA only please. To enter just leave a comment on this post before midnight November 30, 2014. Tell us, what do you think your pet would take photos of?


  1. Diana Lee says:

    My puppy is always right by my feet so there would be many images of my ankles and the bottom of my feet going around on daily errands and fun walks. She’d also share what’s under furniture, cars, and bushes outdoors!

      • Diana Lee says:

        Thank you ever so much, this is oh so awesome! I am over the moon excited, lol. Your email came through right after the puppy fell asleep, so I replied just now 🙂 I can hardly wait to share the news!

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