#JustSayJoe Benefitting American Humane Association

Grab your pup, your favorite cup, and snap a selfie! Share that awesome photo on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #JustSayJoe and $1 will be donated to American Humane Association!

The program is called BRIM’s Brew Buddies, and even has some famous supporters!

Tori Spelling supporting Brew Buddies #JustSayJoe

WHAT: Brew Buddies by BRIM: Share a picture of yourself drinking your favorite cup of coffee with your dog via Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #JustSayJoe. For each photo or video submitted under the hashtag, BRIM will donate $1 to American Humane Association, with a goal of raising $10,000.

TIMING: Now through August 13th, 2014

HASHTAGS & HANDLES: #JustSayJoe @BrimCoffee @AmericanHumane

CHARITY: American Humane Association will receive $1 for each photo or video submitted using #JustSayJoe

ADDITIONAL PROGRAM DETAILS: http://www.brim.com/brewbuddies/

What are you waiting for? Grab a cuppa and get to snapping those selfies!

Brew Buddies

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5 Responses to #JustSayJoe Benefitting American Humane Association

  1. Can’t wait to #hashtag with my french bulldog, Rufus!

  2. jananthonisz says:

    Here is my email:

    for anyone wishing to contact me directly for a photo of Willow’s “Calendarwoofs” photo and or excerpts pages of her book, “MY STORY” and etc.

    Woof, meow, squeak.: ” The dog sat on the mat, The cat sat in the mat and the mouse sat on the mat “.

    Guess who won?

    The first one to get the right answer wins a holiday in the Carribean without me.


  3. Aimee says:

    I think most dogs like water, not coffee. Coffee is more for the humans. 🙂

    • jananthonisz says:

      I agree with you, Willow only by chance just drank under half a cup of my tea when it was left on the ground at a friend’s place.

      It was cold due to the winter weather over here in Australia.

      From that moment I assumed she liked tea. First and last I can assure you. I just made a pun about coffee.

      She doesn’t even care for lactose free milk for dogs. So I save with just clean fresh water unlike some dogs out in the bush with their owners treating their dogs with local beer at the pub like that movie, “RED DOG”.

      Alas I don’t drink, Hick. and, anyway I’ve given up smoking, that is, till the next one comes along. Wouldn’t it be great if Willow would smoke, just think of how money I would save using her tobacco.

      But seriously, all our animals are indirectly smokers via the smoke people produce indoors and outdoors and above all to being subjected to cruel and painful methods as guinea pigs for the tobacco industry not to mention the fashion-cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

      The list goes on and I am saying to governments that they will save billions if they close all prisons.

      Use your imagination. Instead, use these useless low life criminals scum bags such as terrorist, murderers, rapist, child molesters and etc instead as experimental guinea pigs than perhaps they will find a cure for cancer, the ebola virus and much more as these low life are closest to humans as oppose to animals which explains why there is no cure for cancer.

      But alas leaders worldwide wrought after wrought are gutless to do anything or they will lose their votes. All in my book I’m currently writing, “The 2nd Coming of The Reich Kind”.

      Another book nearing completion is, “MY STORY” by “WIILOW”. I am happy to send some page excerpts to your direct email. According to the ASPCA who read some passages quoted to saying, “It is beautifully written with pathos and humour”.

      If and when published all proceeds will go to animals agencies around the world. I can’t imagine myself driving a Ferrari can you? what with Willow as the backseat driver, no way.

      That’s all folks got to go out for walkies, again. It’s past midnight and madam wants her stroll.

      Yes, she has an average of five walks a day. According to the vets she is in excellent health for a 11 year old Belgian Shepard but alas, with all that said and done, there is one ailment the vets cannot find a cure for. It’s called SBS. (spoilt brat syndrome)

      Everyone at the supermarket knows what I have for dinner every evening, the left overs. Pup, oops I mean Yup, it’s a dog’s life-that’s me folks.

      Take care and Dog Bless

  4. jananthonisz says:

    So far as I know Willow my 11 year old Belgian Shepard seems to like drinking tea. I’ll have to try coffee next time. That is all for now, Dog Bless. Jan

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