“A blogger saved my life”

This weekend I went to a blogging conference. As usual, it was filled with fun activities, one of which was a concert from Alex Boye. He is an amazing entertainer, engaging the audience the entire time, plus he is just plain talented! You might know him from his Let It Go cover that became a viral hit. I also love his cover of Royals:

So, what does this have to do with blogging? During the course of his concert he talked about how a blogger saved his life. He was struggling to make it as a musician, with a family to support, and then suddenly one of his videos hit it huge. Why? Because a blogger had shared it.

This reminded me so much of what we do as pet bloggers and microbloggers. Many of us share animals in need of homes on our sites, our Facebook pages and our Twitter. We run fund raising for causes that help rescue animals and donate part of our ad revenues to the animal causes we support.

Thousands of dollars have been raised by #NipClub and the original #PawPawty on Twitter. We give comfort to shelter pets through Santa Paws Drive. We could, and probably do, save lives with our efforts.

His message? Don’t give up. You never know the impact you might be having.

As one who has been feeling like my efforts don’t matter, as one who has really thought about throwing in the towel on the whole blog thing before, this message felt directed just at me. And for you too fellow animal lovers. Don’t give up, your voice makes a difference.


  1. jan says:

    It’s easy to get blogger’s block and to want to shut out so many stories of cruelty to animals. Thanks for this post.

  2. Wendy Lipscomb says:

    Words I’ve had to tell myself on many occasions! I’ve run one blog for over a year now and only just starting my second. Working full time and trying to write useful and meaningful articles is soooo time consuming and sometimes it feels like for very little thanks. I constantly have to tell myself it’s worth it and I’m making a difference to the people that do make it to my blogs.

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