Purina Waggin’ Train Treats Giveaway

Waggin Train Treats

Purina Waggin’ Train dog treats are sure to be a hit with your dog! You will love them because they are made with the attention to detail and high standards you have come to expect from Purina. Each variety of the real meat chicken jerky dog treats are made with very careful oversight, from the egg all the way to the finished product.

The three real chicken varieties are slow cooked to make the most delicious snack for your dog.

  • Waggin’ Train Chicken Jerky Tenders– Made with real white meat chicken sourced exclusively from a single, trusted chicken supplier with operations in China which is part of a USA company. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives are added.
  • Waggin’ Train Smoky Jerky Snacks– Made in the USA with real chicken and a hint of brown sugar. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives added. The Chicken is sourced exclusively in the U.S. from a single, trusted supplier.
  • Waggin’ Train Jerky Duos– Also made in the USA with real chicken from a single, trusted supplier, and sweet potatoes also sourced in the US. No artificial flavors or preservatives.

All of the treats go through strict quality controls, from egg to finished treat. And all are backed by Purina, each package has the Purina logo on it as a sign of their confidence in the quality and safety of the treats.

Now for the giveaway! Five lucky readers will get a prize pack that contains one bag of each type of treat. This giveaway is open to those in the USA only.

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Please remember, these are treats and should be fed as such. They are not a replacement for a balanced diet that includes dog food. Each package has feeding guidelines that are based on a maximum of 10 percent of the daily calorie needs for an average dog. You can find Waggin’ Train products nationally in grocery and mass retail. To learn more about Purina Waggin’ Train, visit the website WagginTrainBrand.com.

Thanks to Purina for providing the prize and information for this giveaway.


  1. posh says:

    These products are sourced from China – just months ago these EXACT products killed hundreds of dogs? Why would you risk the credibility of your site by giving away products that RECENTLY caused so much harm?

    • Aimee says:

      We had our concerns with it too. However, we spoke with the people at Purina and they explained that their products were always safe and had never been recalled. They also explained their sourcing methods and how they work in China (with a US based and run factory, with oversight from egg to end product). Also, only one of the three are made in China, the other two flavors are made in the USA. We felt that because of the way they handle things we would be fine offering this to those who wished to enter.

  2. kathy smith says:

    I realy want my 5 month old puppy to win she loves treats……. I also have a 9 month old pup who I saved from the pound he was so skinny just a bag of bones, fed him 3 xs a day gave him fresh clean water everyday he looks brand new

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