Fancy Feasts (For Fabulous Floors)


I’d like to introduce you to one of my two most favorite males on the planet: This is Cyrus.

And yes this is the first thing I see every single morning. A fluffy Maine Coon with no sense of boundaries. All up in my grill. Like my husband says: ‘He doesn’t even care.’

After he walks all over me and eliminates all hope of just a few more minutes of sleep, he trots off to his #1 hangout spot.

Cy, more commonly referred to at our house simply as ‘The Boy,’ has loved sinks, tubs and showers since he was a kitten and that is only one of the many unique qualities that I love about him.

In case you can’t already tell, I absolutely adore The Boy. And because I adopted him as a 6-week-old kitten when I was 15 and he turns 17 in 2014, I have lived with him longer than I lived without him. In short, I’d do anything for him.

Getting back to the focus of today’s discussion; my husband and I recently installed new hardwood flooring in our first home (yay!) and we’re trying to do whatever we can to keep them looking like new for as long as possible.

One aspect we realized we’d have to address is The Boy’s eating situation because there’s nothing in between his food and water ‘station’ and our brand new flooring.

Notice the little bit of chicken by his paw. Surely he’ll grab that before he wanders away, right?

Nope. Not a chance. He doesn’t even care!

Something had to be done so I bought a new set-up for him that includes an updated bowl and a placemat.

Pretty boring, right? Plus, the first drop of water or food on the placemat and the whole thing’s ruined unless I make it waterproof. But perhaps most importantly, The Boy deserves better than this blah bowl station!

And so, a personalized and laminated placemat for Cyrus is in order.

Whether you have your furry baby’s food station on hardwoods (like we do), tile or laminate flooring, the basic premise remains the same: There’s no reason you can’t pamper your pet and protect your flooring at the same time!

Check out how I put together Cy’s custom placemat and maybe it will help spark some ideas for creating one of your own for the beloved pet in your life.

DIY Laminated Pet Placemat

For the mat, I used a 12″ x 12″ sheet of woven paper that resembled a little jute canvas. For the personalization aspect, I used a set of Martha Stewart stencils and stencil brush along with DecoArt’s Slate Gray acrylic craft paint.

Start by laying out your design before you apply any paint. I wanted Cyrus’ name in the bottom center so I marked the edges of each letter of his name with the stencils and a pencil first so I could get the spacing accurate.

From here, I lined up each letter with their corresponding ‘shadows’ and taped down the top edge. To keep everything level, I matched the bottom edge of the stencil sheet to the bottom of the paper mat.

Take your stencil brush and dip it into the paint to load up the tip. Dab off the excess and carefully apply the paint to the inside of the stencil.

You can avoid the dreaded ‘stencil under bleed’ by applying several light coats of paint rather than one heavy application and only press the brush in an up and down blotting motion.

Once I had completed his entire name, I moved over to the bottom left corner and used a cookie cutter as my ‘stencil’ to create a cat silhouette.

I did the same thing to the bottom right corner with a paw print cookie cutter.

For each of the top corners, I stenciled a little flourish that actually reminded me of cat tails!

Since he’s The Boy, I wanted it to look like the placemat belonged to a boy cat but I also wanted it to look like the rest of my style around the house.

Once you are completely happy with your design, the only thing left to do to ensure the placemat does its job facilitating mess-less floors is laminate it.

I am thrilled with how it turned out and can’t wait for The Boy to wander out of the shower to come give it his paw stamp of approval!

What kind of personalized pet mat are you going to make?

Rheney Williams adds a DIY element to all of her home décor pieces on floors. Besides writing about fabulous floor crafts for Home Depot, Rheney is busy updating her Charleston, S.C., home with all manner of custom Lowcountry touches.


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