Mad over Maltese

Mad over Maltese


These tiny fluff balls will make you laugh out loud and drive you crazy. Best friend and protective- pampering parent, you will have to switch roles and shift gears with these sprightly creatures before blinking an eyelid.

“The tiniest dog Nature has ever produced –

Her coat of long hair, whiter than ermine,

Her movements exquisitely graceful and

Matchless elegance of appearance.”

(Vol. II, Canto 43, Orlando Furioso)

These lines were written by the Renaissance poet Ludovico Aristo. This popular dog has been a muse for many great artists. Its striking good looks and adorable behavior patterns have earned it many fans, and look at the irony, make us drool over it.

So every time I take my Chad for a walk, (Chad is my tiny rockstar, my Maltese by the way) I get dozens of ‘awwws’ and ‘oohs’ and “Oh my God! He is so cute!” So by the end of the walk I am exasperated at my invisible status beside him and he is well, high up in the clouds with all that lavish praise and compliments.

They all just go mad over the Maltese. So what is it about these tiny dogs that simply charms everybody?

Drop-Dead Good Looks

Silky mane and coat that looks straight out of a salon, the bright, round, button eyes and nose, and the bushy tail that keeps wagging. One cannot help but fall in love with a Maltese. Its good looks definitely earn it many doggie points.

The Maltese hair grows quite long and looks glamorous. But to maintain it and prevent the hair from getting matted requires regular bathing, grooming and trimming of the beautiful white coat and the head hair.

It is the show Maltese usually who have long and really well-groomed hair. Fancy hairstyles with bows and ribbons notch up their star quotient.

But make no mistakes. The pet Maltese with the short white or ivory mane and coat is just as adored. With the hair trimmed shorter, these toy dogs are slightly easier to maintain than the long-haired ones and oozes cuteness in their short hairstyles and droopy, bright eyes.

Small is SO Cute

Great things come in small packages. This dog definitely seems quite great to people for its tiny size. One of the biggest advantages of the Maltese is its tiny measurements. Weighing around four to five pounds and with a height of six to nine inches, these dogs can easily fit into a small apartment or a house with a small yard.

Don’t be surprised to find your Maltese hidden under the couch or in you washing basket, or on your white sofa (they might seem a little difficult to spot there though). Mine almost blends in with my white rug. I have to always be so careful not to step on it accidentally.

With all its cuteness and silliness packed in the small size, these dogs also tend to be very fragile because of their size. So with kids or other bigger dogs around ensure that your Maltese is not stepped upon, sat upon, hit hard or given a good shake by the bigger dogs as any of that can seriously injure this tiny breed.

Hilarious and Affectionate

A word of warning- Maltese are probably one of the toughest breeds to train and housebreak. However once you do, they are the most loyal, devoted and affectionate dogs you will find who will actually be your best companion.

Some of the things that my Maltese does is hilarious. I call them his attention-grabbing tactics. Maltese love to be pampered and feel very ignored if you do not talk to them or leave them alone for a couple of hours.

You will see them barking and whining and chewing everything in sight right from your rug to your footwear so yes it is funny, but beware, you do want your favorite clothes dug up and chewed upon.

Give the Maltese some attention and you will see it turn into the ultimate charmer it is, what with trying to do somersaults and licking your ears and even breaking into a tiny dance with its tail bouncing behind it!

And when you are down and low it will actually stand right by your side, doing everything it can to make you feel better. That is how caring and affectionate these tiny pooches can be. They are also great with children and guests, but will require some initial and intensive training for that. Otherwise they might snap and bark at anything and anyone new.

Fashionable and Feisty

Screen shot 2013-12-30 at 10.14.06 PM

A dog that understands fashion, it’s got to be a Maltese. These dogs are extremely fashion-conscious and honestly, I believe quite aware of their stunning looks.

A Maltese loves to be dressed up. Pick up cute plaid shirts and nice military jackets for your handsome Maltese or make your groovy girl look enchanting in polka dot dresses and princess skirts.

With that lustrous mane and coat, accessories can definitely not take a back seat. Ribbons, top knots, side-ponytail, hair-bows and hair clips make them look super-cute and stylish.

On a easy hair day, just brush your Maltese hair well and put a smart baseball cap or cute baby hat and step out with you fashionable and feisty toy dog.

Do watch its vanity issues though when it gets all that attention and more!

The Royal Lineage

Now did you know that the Maltese is called the “aristocrat of the canine world?” If you are a Maltese owner, you got to know that the Maltese has been around for a while now and boasts of quite an enviable lineage.

Worshiped by the ancient Egyptians and believed to have curative properties the Maltese was fondly called ‘the comforter’ in ancient Egypt (for its warm and affectionate nature). It was placed on the pillows of kings and queen when they were ailing to restore their health.

Doted on and loved by British queens they were the favorite pets, the lap dogs of the wealthy and traveled along with them everywhere and were served the choicest of foods. Another trivia, Maltese loves traveling. In America they first appeared as participants in the sophisticated Westminster Kennel Club shows. Thus we know their dignity, their elegance ultimately comes from their royal lineage.

The smallest and probably one of the most loved breeds of dog, the Maltese will win your hearts with its refined looks and cute tactics no matter how well-armed you are to resist it and you won’t be able to help but go mad over Maltese.

Author Bio:
Brian Zeng is a community manager and web presence strategist for Dog Love It, the best doggy supply store ever! He loves shopping for his lovable collie, whose name is Julie.

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  1. David says:

    I love my maltese, Roxy, they are amazing dogs!

  2. Look at how cute they are!! Thanks for all the info too.

  3. All dogs are beautiful however great or small in par with the hymn, “All Creatures Great and Small” and etc and so why are people destroying them in the name of greed, entertainment, progress, religious beliefs, the list goes on. Keep it up little doggy.

    Willow my Belgian Shepard would love to meet you and say woof woof to you. If there is an email address I’ll send you a picture of her.

    I hope you don’t suffer from SBS like Willow. What is SBS you ask? “Spoilt Brat Syndrome” and that’s the way its gonna be and that’s the way it’s gonna be as far as she is concerned.

    Bless you. Jan Anthonisz and Willow.

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