Tino’s Couture for your best friend.


Baby recently got a package from Tino’s Dog Couture. She was very excited to see what was inside! The packaging was so pretty, but she didn’t stop long to admire the wrapping paper, she wanted it open! And as you can see, what was inside was an even prettier package, with a pink polka dotted bow and collar! This is called the Sofia set, but there are other choices too to suit your dog’s taste.



The collar and bow match each other perfectly. What is really neat is the bow can be removed easily from the collar with the two snaps it attaches with. This makes it simple to “dress up” your furry friend, or let them be a bit more casual. And as you can see, the set is absolutely adorable:


Tino’s Couture offers bows, collars, leashes/leads, charms, and apparel for your stylish dog. We love everything about our bow set. The collar is adjustable so it fits just right. It’s made well, and it looks great too. Be sure to visit the Tino’s Couture website to see all they have to offer.


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