The Do-G-Bag, your new best friend!

Let’s talk about poop for a second. We all know that we need to scoop the poop, but what then? What if there isn’t a trash bin nearby? What do you do with the poop bag? This was exactly the problem that Nancey Herrmann set out to solve when she created the Do-G-Bag! No more keeping that poop in your hand, just put it in the handy bag until you can dispose of it properly.

Functional and fun, the Do-G-Bag will be your new best friend while you walk your best friend. Here is the one we got to try out:


I loved the cross body strap, and that it is machine washable. The inside pocket (for the poop) has a waterproof liner and an easy open Velcro closure. The outside pocket is perfect for holding your poop bags (pre-poop), a cell phone, or keys. It’s really quiet awesome, you will wonder how you ever walked your dog without it.

The Do-G-Bag comes in a variety of colors. The fabric is hand selected and each bag is hand made in Buffalo, New York! You can even email them if you want a certain color or different size strap. Live Love and Bark will customize a Do-G-Bag just for you at no additional charge.


  1. SUGAR: Golden Woofs says:

    The bag seems to be multi-purpose. We are having a ScoopThatPoop blog hop on 8/12. You can post anything that is “poop” related. Hope you can join us. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

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