Lovely Cozy Spaces for Our Furry Friends

Give your bona fide, furry members of the family an integrated cozy and stylish space of their own in your home

More and more families nowadays keep their furry friends indoors. If your family is thinking of remodeling your home to integrate your pets’ living quarters, make sure that their sleeping quarters are as cozy (and stylish) as yours! Here are a few ideas that might work in your home:

Shared Bedroom

By now, you’ve probably realized that your pets are very attached to you and would happily stick by your side even while you sleep (unless you don’t allow them in your bed). If you do allow pets in your bedroom, there are many ways to give them their own space without compromising the overall design scheme of the room.

One way to keep your pets close is to add an extension to your bed where they can sleep. However, if you or your pet moves a lot while sleeping, sharing space may be inconvenient. If you want to give your pet the royal treatment, you can custom-build a bed for them that echoes the design of your own, or choose a pet bed that matches the overall décor of the room. You can also clear out the bottom shelf of your side table and place a comfortable cushion and blanket there for your pet’s use.

If you don’t have space for a side table, you can place a carpet near the foot of your bed and station the doggie bed there. If you have a cat, you can place the bed near the window since cats like to jump around. Just make sure your windows are secured so they don’t wander off while you’re sleeping.

Outside the Bedroom

If you don’t allow pets into bedrooms, designate a spot in your house as their sleeping area so they have a place to relax. Repurpose an old crib to match your current décor and cushion it with comfortable pillows or blankets. The advantage of this is that you can transfer the crib anywhere in your home and they will immediately know where to sleep.

Personal Space

Instead of just putting up doggie and kitty beds in certain areas in your home, you can give your beloved companion its own personal space for nap time. Of course, your furry bundle of joy will still want to be nearby, so it’s best if the sleeping area is close to where you spend most of your time.

If you have a home office, chances are, you have some cabinets. You can empty out some cabinet space and transform it into a cushy resting spot by filling it with soft pillows or a pet bed. To reduce mess, place their feeding bowls in a separate location.

Do you love to work in your living room? Clear out a space under a table for your pet. Make sure that the space is well ventilated so your pet will be comfortable even on hot summer days.

Cats love space to play, but space can often come at a high premium. To solve this common issue, think vertical. Installing shelves above a sofa will not only add visual interest to a bare wall while giving you a place to display books and knick-knacks, it’ll also serve as a climbing tree for your cat.

Another way to make sure your cats get enough exercise is to keep their sleeping quarters at the top of these climbing trees. You can either have shelves professionally designed and installed or make your own with wooden boards and carpet to prevent slippage.

For even more pet privacy, give your pets the cupboard under the stairs. You can design the inside of the cupboard to include a feeding and sleeping area. Add a little doggie door so you only need to open the cupboard door in full when it’s feeding or cleaning time. If you want to pamper your pooch, you can make its bed out of your old duvet so they can sleep in a warm, cozy room.

Love working in the kitchen? Can your pet be trusted not to open drawers in search of food? Give one of the kitchen cabinets to your pet. Find a spot that is away from the oven to keep the space from overheating as you prepare dinner. If you have a kitchen island, that would be the perfect spot to carve out a sleeping area.

If your dog can lie around anywhere and you just need a space for them to sleep soundly at night, the laundry room is also a good choice. Just keep one of the cabinets open for them or replace the cabinet’s door with a curtain so they can enter and exit as they please. Just make sure you store away all the chemicals so no accidental ingestion will occur.

Wherever you choose to let your pets sleep, remember that they should always be comfortable. Don’t forget to give them soft blankets to snuggle up with. If you do, you may just end up with a precious photo op!

Jennifer Lutz is a design and decorating enthusiast who has over a decade of experience staging professional home décor photo shoots. She blogs about home decor for

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