Traveling with dogs

SubaruDLBabyDoes your dog love traveling in the car with you? Baby sure does, sometimes she even likes to pretend that she is driving, which is why we were excited to create this doggy drivers license for her using the fun Subaru app on Facebook!

While taking your dog with you in the car can be a lot of fun, there are some things to consider. Safety should always come first, make sure your pup has their own “booster seat” or seat belt. It’s also a good idea to pack a travel bag for your dog, include a water bowl, treats, a leash, poop bags, and a towel. And of course, be aware if your dog gets car sick or not! Not all dogs enjoy a good ride (though it seems that most do)!

You might even want to buy some “Doggles” to protect their eyes, just in case your dog loves hanging their head out of the window. For traveling longer distances with your dogs, be sure to pack any medication they take, a favorite toy, and of course, a comfy bed.

Perhaps your pup is looking to buy a new vehicle to take you for rides in! They can always visit Subaru’s Grant Weber, the first car salesman just for dogs! There are more goodies from Subaru too! You can ask a dog expert any question you like, put your dog in a Subaru to see how great they will look driving in it, and even use the Subaru dog matchmaker.

Now are you ready for even more fun? Enter to win a $350 Visa gift card or a $150 Visa gift card! Just think of all the gas you could put in your car for a little roadtrip with your favorite pup! All you have to do is use the form below!

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This post is sponsored by Subaru. We are being compensated for helping spread the word about the Dog Tested. Dog Approved.™ campaign, as always, we only shares new for things we support.

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  1. Karina says:

    I love this!!! That is too cute that she has her own “drivers license” lol too funny!

  2. kirbysdawgblog says:

    OMG YOU REMIND ME SO MUCH OF KIRBY!!!! XD. Lovely blog, will be back!

  3. OMC. Is that a real dog in that drivers license? MOL!

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