Pawalla: Joy for Cats and Dogs

Somehow Baby always knows when something in the mail is for her. When our Pawalla box arrived, she couldn’t sit still! She wanted to see what was inside, and she wanted to see it NOW! As you can see, it’s a large box, and it was full of all kinds of great things to try. Baby’s favorite was the toy, but she has been enjoying the treats and food as well.

Pawalla is a monthly subscription box for your dog or cat. Each month food, treats and toys will be sent to your home to delight your pet. But not just any food or treat gets to be part of a Pawalla box! They are hand picked by nutritionist Dr. Susan Lauten! As you can see, these are full sized products too!

Our box came with an adorable “balloon dog” toy, two cans of wet dog food, two bags of treats, poop bags, and some very cute “Petchup”. The Pawalla box is designed for your dog or cat, so a box for a larger dog would look different than something designed for our pup.

You can buy monthly subscriptions for yourself or as a gift. If you find something that your dog or cat loves and want to buy more, they have a shop where you can buy individual items too. Worried that your pet won’t love it? They will send you another box for free if that happens. Judging by Baby’s reaction though, I doubt they ever have to do that! She has loved her box.

So, if you are looking for a fun and easy way to find great new items to spoil your dog or cat, be sure to check out Pawalla. We were impressed with the quality of each item in our box, and will be asking for a subscription for our birthday! To learn more, visit the Pawalla website.

*We were sent a Pawalla box in exchange for our review. All opinions are our own (and Baby’s).