Catify yourself!

Looking for something fun to do during your New Year’s Eve party? Searching for something crazy to do with all those holiday photos? Just want to have a chance to see what you might look like as a cat? Then the Purina Friskies Catify app is just what you need!

The Friskies “Catify Yourself” app is free to download and allows you to send photo messages to your friends from a cat-like you! Download from the iTunes app store, or use “Catify Yourself” on the Friskies Facebook page. Start Cat-ifying, and share your photos on the Friskies Facebook page for the opportunity for your photo to become the Friskies “Catify Photo of the Day.”

Friskies offers a variety of free tablet and mobile games and apps for cats and humans, including “Cat Fishing” for cats on iPhone and Android mobile and tablet platforms, and “You vs. Cat,” the first Friskies game you can play with your cat, for Android and iPhone tablets. For more information about Friskies Games for Cats, search your App Store for “Friskies” and please visit