Luv & Emma’s Dry Pets Review

Luv & Emma’s Dry Pets is an absorbent microfiber towel designed to hang on your door handle to provide a convenient and easy way to dry your pet! Perfect for winter and wet months, the towel is super absorbent and works wonders on wet paws.

We loved the convience of it being right on the door ready to go. No more searching for a towel while holding a wet pooch, and no more waste of paper towels either. Truly a must have! I really don’t know how we ever lived without it, especially during the wet winter months. It even takes care of “snowballs”!

Not only is the towel a lot of fun with the paw print design, but the microfiber fabric is soft and absorbent. At about 21 X 17 inches, you can get a lot of drying done! The Luv & Emma’s Dry Pets holds up to an amazing 16 ounces of water, and yet it dries quickly! It’s also machine washable!

For more information or to order one for yourself, be sure to visit Luv & Emma’s Dry Pets. You will be happy you did, we sure love ours.

Disclosure: Luv & Emma’s Dry Pets provided a towel to us for our review. All opinions are our own.

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  1. barbi311 says:

    Looks handy for after the dog park.

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