Dogs of Courage

When we got a copy of Dogs of Courage: The Heroism and Heart of Working Dogs Around the World for review we couldn’t wait to open the pages and read the stories inside! We were not disappointed! The stories of working dogs will warm your heart and open your eyes to just how much our canine companions really know!

Dogs of Courage is a tribute to all the working dogs who perform acts of bravery, and service, everyday. There are also tales of dogs who weren’t specially trained, but who turned out to have skills that helped their humans in unexpected ways! For example, the seeing eye dog Hanley who turned out to have a great nose for wine and ended up helping his owner sniff out impurities!

Dogs of Courage will help the reader learn about all the different roles dogs play. From wildlife protection and conservation, as service canines for inmates, during search and rescue missions, in fires, as therapists, and for medical-detection purposes, and more, dogs are working hard for us all the time. The reader will also meet canine “celebrities” whose stories have become well known like:

  • Apollo, an apricot Standard Poodle and therapy dog, who brought a ten-year-old girl out of a coma after she sensed him in the room
  • Bilbo, a Newfoundland, who was Britain’s only canine lifeguard in 2005 and named “Pet Hero of the Year” at a ceremony for the U.K. Boomerang Pet Awards in London
  • A Rottweiler named Sheba who broke free from her chain and rescued nine of her puppies after her owner buried them alive in a two-foot deep grave because they weren’t purebred
  • Midge, the eight-pound Chihuahua and smallest police dog, who has appeared on the Rachel Ray Show, Fox and Friends, CNN, MSNBC, and other media outlets
  • Aside from the great information and stories, there are color photos included that show dogs working and training in all kinds of situations. Dogs of Courage: The Heroism and Heart of Working Dogs Around the World would make a great gift for any dog lover on your list! Be sure to check out Lisa Rogak’s other great book, The Dogs of War, which takes a look into the lives of military dogs.