Aussan Natural Cleaners Giveaway

Our pets spend most of their lives on the floor. They sleep there, play there, and even eat there. Is it any wonder we should be concerned with the products we use to clean the floors in our home? Not to mention all the other surfaces and places we share with our pets! It has been very important to us to find products that both work well, but that are safe for use around our pets. Luckily Aussan Natural has a line of products that fit both requirements!

We had the chance to try out two of their products, the Dog Odor Eliminator and Pet All-Purpose Cleaner, both of which one lucky reader will win in our giveaway! Aussan Natural has many other products too, and we loved that they are available at Aussan Natural,,, and other fine retailers.

Why we loved them? They are:
Artificial Fragrance Free • Dye Free-Phthalate Free
Synthetic Preservative Free • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) Free

Formulas are Patent Pending using botanical extracts and plant bioflavonoids

Third Party Certified: There products have been certified by:
NPA (Natural Products Association) they award their seal to products that contain at least 95% natural ingredients and pose no suspected health risks to humans.

DfE The Design For The Environment given by the EPA to say our products have met strict health and safety requirements.

As if that weren’t enough? They work! I felt great using the surface cleaner, even around our bird (birds have very sensitive respiratory systems) because there wasn’t a lingering smell. In fact, I loved it so much just for myself that I have ordered the floor cleaner as well. One of my pet peeves was cleaning the house and having it smell like chemicals, Aussan Natural doesn’t leave a smell at all, just a nice clean home!

Ready for your chance to win? Leave a comment on this post before midnight on Novemeber 26th, 2012. Let us know why you want to give Aussan Natural a try! We will pick a winner at random and they will get one each of the Dog Odor Eliminator and Pet All-Purpose Cleaner. This is open to those in the USA only, with the exceptions of Alaska and Hawaii. Good luck!

This giveaway is now closed, congrats to Ann of Pawsitively Pets.

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7 Responses to Aussan Natural Cleaners Giveaway

  1. Rob Immer says:

    We have 5 cats, two of them older, one a kitten, can you imagine the smells?!? Nothing seems to work that doesn’t irritate someone or just plain work! Help!

  2. rainey13 says:

    I have 3 rescued furry buddies in my home. I love them dearly, but cleaning does become a challenge at times. I’m all in favor of anything that helps me and keeps them safe.

  3. Vikki Billings says:

    I have two dogs one is 8yrs and 1 is almost 3, the 3yr old is a male dog, I have never had a male dog before and he is constantly cocking his leg everywhere. I would love to try this product.

  4. Diane Baum says:

    I have 5 rescue pets and could really use this

  5. Summer says:

    I have two dogs so the dog odor remover would be nice!

  6. Ann Paws says:

    I would love to try the all natural pet cleaner for my pet rat’s cage. I also have a dog, so the Dog Odor Remover would be a cool thing to check out too.

  7. adoptedmom says:

    I have been struggling trying to find a product that will clean and remove odor. We moved and my pal is having accidents on both hard wood and linoleum floors. I’ve tried to “name brand” products and it still keeps happening. I would love a cleaning product that is safe for Chazz to be on all the time. Thank you for this opportunity to win such product.

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